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> apparel
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> gag gifts & pranks
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WTF? - A Collection of Websites That Make Us Wonder

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie  - prevent those aliens from putting voices in your head with this nifty invention. Too bad this wasn't available when I was in the fifth grade. It might have prevented the spoiled mayonnaise incident.

Anti-flatulance underwear - just the thing for those times you've just got to toot and you don't want your dorm mate to suffer. Might make a great gift for the right person.

Bad Drunken Bar Poetry - not quite ready for literature.

Beatallica - Beatles songs done in heavy metal style, retaining the same tempo and surprisingly good!

Bovine Unite - cows are banding together to foil the humans.

Captain Ozone - video documentary and much more about Captain Ozone. Editor's Choice.

Casket Furniture - now all you need is to get a lease on a big, old mansion that's half decayed and filled with spider webs.

CrashBonsai is the creation of John Rooney, an artist who is torn between the desire to create and destroy. Recently, he has been making bonsai plants, and combining them with model cars and trucks which he has creatively smashed and melted, to create "CrashBonsai," little living car crash sculptures.

The Cryptozoologist - The study of hidden animals, like Bigfoot & friends.

Dog Diaper  - we thought about this one a lot one night over a few cokes and no one could come up with a scenario that didn't make using one of these things require more work than not using one. And the premise was that we had a very cooperative canine.

Endangered Man - help save this endangered species.

ESUVEE - anyone can ride one, but not everyone rides right.

False Advertising - a gallery of parody.

Fred Society - making the world a better place for all Freds.

Fukitol - the all purpose lifestyle pharmaceutical.

Fun With Lighters - This is the story of three very bored geeks, a leatherman, a bunch of disposable plastic lighters, and a severe case of pyromania.

Guide to shooting rubber bands - how to get the attention of that hottie in chem lecture!

Hangover Cures - not that Fat Campus's visitors would need one...

Hire a Killer - please tell me this is a spoof.

Human Upgrades - a very well done spoof of our infatuation with our selves. Editor's Choice

I gave my cat an enema - very informative, very...very.

Modern Drunkard Magazine - as opposed to the retro drunkard?

Mr. Bonko Show - in Bonkovision!

Naked  - normal people sharing their imperfections. What's not to like about this.

Nature's Platform - somewhere out there on the internet there is a video of someone falling off of one of these things while using it. There just has to be.

Oh My God It Burns - Scienticians often are forced to take short-cuts to make giant king sized leaps of advancement in the field of boozahology

Online Time Travel Pharmacy - buy some pills, meet Julius Caesar, Abe Lincoln and Attila the Hun.

Paper Napkin Rejection Service - So here's the scenario: You're out at a bar, riding transit, or even just walking down the street, and some bozo who desperately wants into your pants starts up a conversation with you. Rather than make a scene or make them upset, you're polite and at least nod at the proper times. Then, of course, they ask you for your number. Except this is 2004, so maybe they ask for your email address instead. Give them anyname@papernapkin.net (or paamail.com, to be less suspicious), tell them it's your address, and when they write you, they'll automatically get a response telling them how badly they've been rejected. If they sound desperate enough, it may even get posted and ridiculed. Yes, it's cruel, so use it wisely.

Paranormal - the only site on the net to download full length paranormal videos.

Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer changes the age, race or sex of a facial image, transforms it to the style of a famous artist,  makes an exaggerated caricature or even make an ape of yourself!

Pip Show - on camera view of birds living in an elaborate birdhouse.

Play 20 questions against the computer - this can be pretty addictive.

Pet's Mobility - when even your goldfish has a cell phone you jest have to know that the world's getting to be a pretty small place.

Poodle Exercise - an exercise video with a poodle theme.

Psychogenic Fugue - if you ever wanted to transfer out to a totally wacked out school, this might be the place. Yet it makes sense in a clever sort of way.

Revenge Lady - she seems a bit obsessed. Don't cross her.

Roadside Architecture - 300 or so pages of photos and info about the kinds of places that have popped up all over the U.S. in the wake of the automotive age. It's pretty much fascinating. How many have you been to?

Red Tacton - new technology from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.

RoboDump - see the electronic pooping machine, prank your friends.

RYT Hospital
By implanting human brain cells (grown from a human embryo's stem cells) into a mouse engineered to have Alzheimer's, Dr. Keyes inadvertently made a remarkable and startling discovery: she not only cured the mouse's Alzheimer's Disease, but the animal soon developed the relative intelligence of a human being. Editor's Choice

Sam's Mailbox Pictures - oddly compelling photos of some pretty elaborate rural mailboxes.

Simon's Photo Archive of Pregnant Animals - oddly captivating.

Speegle - the talking search engine.

Squirrel Fishing - the latest sport to hit the Penn State campus. Complete with videos.

Slickville - a town stuck in time, the early years of Rock 'n' Roll.

Stop Alien Abductions - I don't know. I kind of liked my stay on the spaceship lollypop. After a while they let me drive.

Sugar Bush Squirrel - the world's most photographed squirrel.

TatAd - get paid to get an ad tattooed on your body.

Texas Bigfoot Research Center - according to the United States sightings database, Arkansas is just crawling with bigfeet. Literally.

Trepanning - the official website of a village in Cornwall that exists only in the imagination and in the digital realm of cyberspace.

Typorganism - the premise is that type is an organism. Editor's Choice

Virtual Bubble Wrap - get poppin'

WizMark - a great new product for anyone who ever wanted to piss all over advertising.

World Jump Day - a world shaking idea




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