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The Fat Campus Collection of Free Games We Found on the Web


One of our visitors sent us an e-mail saying that this might be the most extensive listing of free online games on the web. We don't know if that is true or not. What we do know is there are several hundred games listed here from independent developers, game sites, product tie ins, movies and charitable causes. This page is updated and added to almost daily with the newest games at the top of the page so bookmark it and return to see the latest offerings on the web.

We also host over 120 games on Fat Campus that you can play for free here. No time limit. No pop ups. No hassle.

Shockwave.com UNLIMITED offers the same award-winning experience you've come to expect from GameBlast - no time limits, no ads and no interruptions - but now users get it all with an expanded library of great games. More than 300 titles - including action, puzzle, sports, strategy and multiplayer games! Also offered is unlimited access to 200+ premium download titles. Shockwave.com™ UNLIMITED - Try it Free for 10 days!

We're also excited to offer you the 2 Free Games with a 30 Day Free Trial to GamePass offer. A free trial and 2 free games for you to keep shouldn't be ignored so click and take advantage while it lasts.

  Game: Factory Balls 2
  Description: drop a ball over the tools to produce the required physics.
  Game: Skeet
  Description: pull and shoot game courtesy of the Maryland Gun Club.
  Game: Discus Champion
  Description: spin and throw like a champion.
  Game: Internet World Walkabout
  Description: take the icons to the proper show area.
  Game: Torch Runner
  Description: you are carrying the Olympic torch, and passers by want to put it out.
  Game: Prize Minder
  Description: sneak past the security guards to claim your prize.
  Game: Be Unique
  Description: try to pick the object that the other players do not.
  Game: Big Beach Sports
  Description: throw your frisbee as far as you can.
  Game: Warm-up Workout
  Description: help your character complete the Race for Life workout.
  Game: Immune Attack
  Description: video game that introduces basic concepts of human immunology.
  Game: Puzzle Farter
  Description: gas and go.
  Game: WTF
figure out WTF Azimuth is all about
  Game: Get the Glass
  Description: game from "got milk"
  Game: Help Mother Hen Relax
  Description: game from "got milk"
  Game: Sex and the City
  Description: answer questions from the SITC girls.
  Game: The Professor's Journal
  Description: use journal entries and items in the study to find the professor.
  Game: Cubescape
create your own isometric pixel picture
  Game: Roller Coaster Designer
  Description: This is a game where you can design your own roller-coaster.
  Game: Cold Sprint
  Description: 100 meter challenge.
  Game: The Black Box
  Description: find the coordinates - solve the mystery.
  Game: Prisoner's Dilemma
  Description: compete or cooperate - play to win.
  Game: You Have to Burn the Rope
  Game: Bottle Blaster
  Description: shoot the bottles.
  Game: The Egg Run
  Description: help the easter bunny collect all the easter eggs in time for easter.
  Game: Soul Exchange
  Description: overcome the intelligence, skill and conniving of your fellow players.
  Game: I/O
  Description: use your intuition to solve the puzzle.
  Game: Shot
  Description: drag and move a ball so that it hits another ball.
  Game: Kill With Me
  Description: help find the killer.
  Game: Double Maze
  Description: navigate 2 mazes at once.
  Game: World Golf Tour
  Description: golf game from TaylorMade.
  Game: Demon Hunter
  Description: game from the E4 series Reaper.
  Game: Traveler IQ Challenge
  Description: find the countries on the map.
  Game: Map Strip
  Description: find the countries, watch the girls strip!
  Game: Swedish Armed Forces Officer Test
  Description: do you have what it takes?
  Game: Sofa Bash
Destroy the sofa with a host of fiendish weapons as quickly as you can.
  Game: How fast are your reactions?
  Description: be fast andcareful.
  Game: NLOS Cannon Challenge
  Description: use the non line of sight cannon to destroy enemy targets.
  Game: Chain Factor
  Description: Use your mouse to drop discs into the grid.
  Game: Ask The Spirits II
Communicate with the dead and ask them questions
  Game: Spy a Solution
Help Barry the Buyer negotiate 20 challenges with increasing difficulty
a video game about the politics of nutrition.
  Game: Stick Baseball
  Description: go for the home run.
  Game: Tiredness
  Description: your reaction time tells how tired you are.
  Game: Real World Racer
  Description: a google maps game.
  Game: Cursor 10
  Description: the 16th floor is your goal.
  Game: Nanaca Crash
  Description: crash your bike into the target
  Game: Highlander - The Source
  Description: select your destination and seek the source
  Game: Hairclub
  Description: point out the differences between the two photos
  Game: Muck about with Cupid and Fate
help Cupid collect traditional love icons, but avoid beer and hamburgers
  Game: Pimp My Sleigh
  Description: get ready for the Sleigh Slalom.
  Game: Chimney Challenge
  Description: shoot the accountants, not Santa.
  Game: Turkey Target
  Description: fling the turkeys to freedom.
  Game: Sprout
  Description: Brain Puzzle Game involving seeds.
  Game: befuddlr
  Description: look at a picture, befuddle it, put it back together.
  Game: Whack Your Boss
  Description: find all 16 ways to whack your boss.
  Game: Wet Tee Shirt Game
  Description: shoot the girls with your water gun.
  Game: Energy Champions
  Description: collect the rubbish and place it in the proper recycling bin.
  Game: How does your garden grow?
  Description: step into CyberChris' muddy shoes and become a virtual gardener.
  Game: Suzi Says
  Description: when Suzi calls out the item, grab it.
  Game: V Bejeweled
  Description: Swap two gems to align at least three gems of the same color.
  Game: Euroball
  Description: online penny football competition
  Game: Green Light Puzzle
  Description: maneuver the Grolsh ball of energy across the bar
  Game: AAHHHH!!
  Description: don't touch the edges
  Game: ElectroCity
  Description: manage virtual towns and cities.
  Game: Ramps
  Description: use ramps to guide the spheres to the goal
  Game: Prawn to be Wild
  Description: you are a prawn in a parallel dimension. Dodge the lasers
  Game: Cubical Freakout
  Description: go nuts in the office
  Game: English Slang Game
  Description: do you know your way around these slang terms?
  Game: Launchball
  Description: slide, bounce and spring your way through 30 obstacle filled levels.
  Game: Location locator
  Description: Where is every state in the USA? Where is every country in Europe?
  Game: 5 Differences
  Description: find the 5 differences in the 2 pictures
  Game: Curious
  Description: explore and think things through.
  Game: Avenue of Death
  Description: face the 5 challenges and collectthe Mayan coins
  Game: Ask the Spirits 2
  Description: use the spirit board to communicate with the dead.
  Game: Spy a Solution
  Description: Help Barry the Buyer negotiate 20 challenges with increasing difficulty
  Game: Young Bond's Avenue of Death
  Description: help the young James Bond face the 5 challenges.
  Game: Escape the Boogeyman
  Description: your flashlight is dying, you may be too!!!
  Game: RayRay
  Description: try to make all the RayRay stand
  Game: Nanaca Crash
  Description: ram people with your bicycle.
  Game: Particles
  Description: Avoid the red balls.
  Game: City Creator
Choose a cit, and click the corresponding 'build' button to begin.
  Game: Real World Racer
  Description: Google Maps Racing Game
  Game: Bourne Stunt Simulator
hands-on experience of creating your own stunts.
  Game: Wrecking Ball
  Description: help Homer Simpson save his family.
  Game: Elipsis
  Description: Protect the center circle, by rapid exploding the squares!
  Game: Guessword
  Description: play with & against others to guess the word.
  Game: Bloxorz
  Description: get the block to fall into the square hole.
  Game: Phit
  Description: fit the pieces into the yellow tray.
  Game: Photo Hunt
  Description: spot the differences in the photos of your favorite N stars.
  Game: Rally Trophy
  Description: Choose a car and drive to victory.
  Game: Stick Sports Baseball
  Description: baseball batting game.
  Game: Shuffle
  Description: get the yellow balls off the table.
  Game: Crossword
Select a spot, then a letter to put into the spot.
  Game: Redistricting Game
make the redistricting process understandable.
  Game: Zelda Lamp Shade
  Description: Zelda has yet another adventure.
  Game: Loose the Moose
  Description: escape the room game.
  Game: The Crossing
  Description: help the deer jump over the gorge.
  Game: Oceans Thirteen Blackjack
  Description: based on the movie
  Game: Great Balls of Fire
  Description: help Cippi the chipmunk save the forest.
  Game: ElectroCity
You will be given complete control over a small town within New Zealand
  Game: The Day the Office Melted
  Description: try to keep Dee Hydration from melting the office.
  Game: Sheeps of Rage
  Description: make the world safe from the Sheeps of Rage.
  Game: Javascript Tetris
  Description: the classic game revisited
  Game: Wanted
  Description: help Chichino escape from the cops.
  Game: Launch Party
  Description: end it all.
  Game: Crash Junction
  Description: ignore the rules of the road and cause the worst crash you can.
  Game: Saucer Attack
  Description: game from the Sci-Fi Channel
  Game: Sea of Fire
  Description: elaborate and challenging warfare game.
  Game: Winky Tiki Photo Hunt
  Description: find the differences in the photos in 10 seconds.
  Game: Stop Press
  Description: you are Jimmy Olson, try to get a picture of Superman
  Game: The First Door
  Description: make your way through the doors.
  Game: Demon Tournament
  Description: acquire the jewel by strategy and courage.
  Game: Carl's Freakin' Strip Poker
  Description: poker playing game
  Game: Break Fight
  Description: ninja fight game
  Game: Attack of the Feverheads
  Description: cleanse Sealab of fever, while trying to stay healthy.
  Game: Supermarket Racing
  Description: game from Travis
  Game: The Missile Game 3D
  Description: pilot your missile through the tunnel.
  Game: Particles
  Description: avoid the red balls as long as you can.
  Game: Stone Cold Curling
  Description: broom away!
  Game: 5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself)
  Game: Ascent
  Description: shoot down the US jets
  Game: You don't know Jack 3
  Description: how smart are you?
  Game: Rally Trophy
  Description: choose your car and race.
  Game: Pizza Pounding Game
  Description: hit Nikki with pizza
  Game: Host
  Description: You have a bow and arrows. There is the creature.
  Game: Elipsis
  Description: Protect the center circle, by rapid exploding the squares!
  Game: MathsNet Geometry Game
  Description: build up the solid shape indicated using the number of cubes given
  Game: Chick Chick Boom
  Description: protect your 5 hicks from the poster bunny's attacks.
  Game: Gyro Runner
  Description: balance on the moving ball for as long as you can.
  Game: Street Kiter
  Description: avoid the boats, sharks and road signs.
  Game: Ultimate Game Quiz
  Description: learn how knowledgeable a gamer you really are.
  Game: Nanaca Crash
  Description: how far can you propel the pedestrian by hitting him?
  Game: Virus 2
  Description: grow your virus.
  Game: Adolfo Vs Chicken
  Description: guess who will answer the question correctly.
  Game: The Passenger
  Description: get the Femme Fatale to 3 addresses asap.
  Game: ooPixel
  Description: clear the frame color by color.
  Game: Spamalot Game
  Description: mayhem from the hit musical.
  Game: Business Game
  Description: answer questions to become a CEO
  Game: School For Scoundrels
  Description: Fight Dirty
  Game: Skull and Crossbones
  Description: Tic Tac Toe game with attitude
  Game: Office Invaders
  Description: game from Baskin Robbins
  Game: Bareback
  Description: Catch the Curfew Breakers
  Game: Mobster
  Description: Game based on the real gangster life.
  Game: BowMaster Prelude
  Description: Your kingdom is under attack! Defend against the invading Trev'Ghar
  Game: Love Machine
  Description: you are Cupid
  Game: White Jigsaw
  Description: puzzle without picture
  Game: GTI Game
  Description: drive that VW through town
  Game: Tilt
  Description: keep the object balanced as long as you can
  Game: Bunker 10
  Description: Disarm the bombs in time
  Game: Office Warfare
  Description: Several time wasters to choose from.
  Game: Mini Putt
  Description: Play Golf
  Game: World Domination Battle
  Description: choose a world leader as your character and as your opponent.
  Game: Go Fish
  Description: click on the fish and cash bundles, avoid the sharks
  Game: Drift Competition
  Description: driving game from Mercedes
  Game: Hungry Spiders
  Description: protect your cake from the spiders.
  Game: Fun Movie Quiz - 3
  Description: you see a screenshot, now name the movie.
  Game: Tube Crisis
  Description: make it through your subway ride.
  Game: Armadillo Run
  Description: physics-based puzzle game
  Game: Santa's Yule Lob
  Description: toss the presents down the chimneys.
  Game: Dragon Fist 3: Age of the Warrior
  Description: Martial Arts game
  Game: Santa Farty Pants
  Description: when the reindeer can's get him there, Santa resorts to flatulence.
  Game: Mission in Snowdriftland
  Description: locate El Pix and get the game files.
  Game: RuneScape
  Description: massive multi player game
  Game: The Prison Inmate
  Description: if you have big balls, this game is for you.
  Game: Cops and Robbers
  Description: run across the rooftops as fast as you can.
  Game: Winter Bells
  Description: jump and touch the bells
  Game: Invisible Burglar
  Description: destroy the invisible burglar and protect your digital assets.
  Game: Devil May Fry
  Description: guitar strumming game from Tenacious D
  Game: Sleigh Away
  Description: help Santa get the presents back from the naughty elves.
  Game: Staggy the Boyscout Slayer II
  Description: kill the scouts, pick up the chests.
  Game: World Map
  Description: how well do you know the countries of the world?
  Game: Find It
  Description: something changes gradually, find it and move on
  Game: The Quiz
  Description: answer music related questions
  Game: The Site Game
  Description: Create your own Friday night
  Game: Bundesligsgame
  Description: score goals
  Game: How's My Parking?
  Description: are men better at parking than women?
  Game: Play Your Cars Right
  Description: guess which car is most expensive.
  Game: DR3i
  Description: control the red dot, be careful of the beast.
  Game: Body Drift Challenge
  Description: drift your way around the model's curves.
  Game: The Missile Game 3D
  Description: Pilot your missile through a dark tunnel
  Game: Word Shoot
  Description: Type the Word next to Your Enemies as Fast as You Can.
  Game  Double Wires
  Description: see how far you go making like Spiderman
  Game: Ashes Clashes
  Description: Cricket Game - catch the ball.
  Game: WEBoggle
  Description: multiplayer web version of Boggle
  Game: Pie Eating Contest
  Description: eat the entire pie in just 15 bites
  Game: Which is the real logo?
  Description: You see these logos almost every day, right? Remember them?
  Game: Second Life
  Description: interactive, multiplayer universe
  Game: Sudoku Park
  Description: Play Free Sudoku Puzzles Online
  Game: The State Within
  Description: resolve issues with skill, diplomacy and a little luck
  Game: Meal or No Meal
  Description: pick a platter and try not to loose the champagne and caviar dinner.
  Game: Doggles verses Baron Von Hare
  Description: keep up with the hare while flying your plane around the course.
  Game: Statosaurus Challenge
  Description: how much do you know about dinosaurs?
  Game: Car Park Pong
  Description: pong game played in a parking lot.
  Game: Caliber Buzz
  Description: you are a mosquito inside a Dodge Caliber.
  Game: weffriddles
  Description: a puzzle adventure that's hopefully like nothing you've seen before.
  Game: Pop 5
  Description: identify popular culture references.
  Game: Ask the Spirits
  Description: ask the spirits your questions but be careful not to upset them
  Game: From Quebec With Love
  Description: deliver the maple syrup before the pancakes getcold
  Game: Family Guy Quiz
  Description: how well do you know the TV Show?
  Game: Man Mountains
  Description: Rugby Game
  Game: Fishball
  Description: collect as many fishes as you can in each dive.
  Game: Bossaball
  Description: volleyball, football, gymnastics and capoeira all in one.
  Game: Oasis Frustration
  Description: play the band's favorite game.
  Game: Pick Me Up
  Description: make your way around the library picking up books.
  Game: Revenge of the Van Man
  Description: avoid a parking ticket by making the parking warden go airborne.
  Game: Deal or No Deal
  Description: risk it all for a fortune.
  Game: Reasonable Force
  Description: keep the students in their seats by throwing pieces of chalk.
  Game: The Victim Game
  Description: based on the movie "The Victim"
  Game: New Police Story Game
  Description: you are the bad guy. Jackie Chan is your foe.
  Game: pasnet01
  Description: solve the mystery
  Game: Monster Invasion
  Description: stop the Vikings from invading London again.
  Game: ZigiZ
  Description: sort the fuzzballs.
  Game: Attack of the Funky Disco Zombies
  Description: help the walking dead get back to where they came from.
  Game: Roadie Runner
  Description: collect the guitar from the other side of the road and bring it back.
  Game: Liquid Colors
  Description: mix the colors for the right color outcome.
  Game: Ultimate Pie Theft
  Description: Pac Man type game played with Weebls
  Game: Casino Royale Strategy
  Description: find the breifcase of terrorist funds and escape from the airport.
  Game: Race Ahead
  Description: assemble the best servers you can within the budget.
  Game: Yoga Challenge
  Description: How long can you stay balanced?
  Game: Sudoku Slam
  Description: sudoku games
  Game: Getting It There
  Description: navigate the tricky mountain road.
  Game: Beck's Vier
  Description: like tetris but more challenging
  Game: Kakuro
  Description: more challenging than Sudoku, but just as addictive.
  Game: Beat Bubbles
  Description: play the song using the arrow keys.
  Game: Yoga Challenge
  Description: stay balanced
  Game: Bottle Capper
  Description: shoot the caps off the bottles as fast as you can
  Game: Aston Villa Crossbar Challenge
  Description: kick as many goals as possible in the allotted time,
  Game: Sling
  Description: Fun game flinging what looks like gooey snot around.
  Game: Pac-Xon
  Description: Pac Man type game
  Game: Sudoku
  Description: Sudoku
  Game: Sling
  Description: shoot a springy ball of slime through 50 danger filled levels
  Game: Maconomy X
  Description: Time is money.
  Game: AntiRiddle
  Description: the new hardest riddle on the internet.
  Game: Moonman
  Description: destroy the asteroids by typing backwards.
  Game: Kiss Chaser
  Description: keep ahead of your crush or you might get a kiss.
  Game: Pac Van
  Description: pick up the parcels, avoid the obstacles
  Game: Parking Mayhem
  Description: slide the car into the space
  Game: Toon Crisis
  Description: shoot 'em up
  Game: Sea Urchins
  Description: A Young Bond Game.
  Game: Driving
  Description: learn to drive with the young Bond, James Bond
  Game: Board Dots
  Description: fill the empty spaces
  Game: ATM Money Run
  Description: Help guide the ATM to glory
  Game: Aygo Driving
  Description: drive the new Toyota Aygo.
  Game: Map Game
  Description: how well do you know the geography of the Middle East?
  Game: Bowman's Strip Poker
  Description: contains nudity
  Game: Dracula's Riddle
  Description: make your way through Transylvania to the castle
  Game: Stick Cricket
  Description: play the game of Cricket
  Game: Dropkick the Faint
  Description: kick the band members into the audience.
  Game: Thinking Machine 4
  Description: play chess against the computer
  Game: Student Survivor
  Description: keep your student fed, watered and solvent for a week
  Game: Wolfenstein 5K
  Description: The classic shooter, miniaturized
  Game: Kitchen Konundrum
  Description: arrange the letters into words as fast as you can.
  Game: Big, Flat and Twisted
  Description: get as far as you can without losing your juice.
  Game: Goggles
  Description: flight simulator integrated with Google Maps.
  Description: variation of PONG that utilizes real-time fluid dynamics to drive the game environment.
  Game: Lady in the Water
  Description: find the 5 images in the poster.
  Game: Bra Blaster
  Description: use your mouse to remove the humanoid females' clothes.
  Game: likebetter
  Description: choose between photos and let the brain guess what kind of person you are.
  Game: Haluz
  Description: explore an interesting world
  Game: blufr
  Description: trivia game challenging you to identify statements as true or false.
  Game: Scissors, Paper, Stone
  Description: multiplayer game from Weebles.
  Game: Timed climb
  Description: Try to conquer the highest platforms.
  Game: The Ship
  Description: multiplayer game - you're on a ship, kill or be killed.
  Game: Wreck Your Racquet
  Description: you're the tennis pro, make the shot.
  Game: Dr. Who Cyberman Game
  Description: help the preachers hold back the tide of steel.
  Game: Base Jump
  Description: game from Virgin Mobile
  Game: The Transaid Challenge
  Description: deliver supplies to the villages that need them.
  Game: Way Out
  Description: Q & A Game from the Hubble Site
  Game: Curveball
  Description: pong style game,but much better
  Game: Tim Ball Pinball
  Description: pinball with tennis raquets
  Game: Can You Pass the Third Grade
  Description: how well do you know the U.S. States?
  Game: Young Bond
  Description: adventure game
  Game: One-Off
  Description: solve puzzles to escape
  Game: The Hardest Riddle Available on the Internet
  Description: explore the levels
  Game: Comboling
  Description: 25 levels, 25 minutes, clear the tiles
  Game: Caliber Dash
  Description: driving game featuring the new Dodge Caliber
  Game: Warrior King
  Description: game based on the movie
  Game: Crash Course Football
  Description: soccer, only with cars
  Game: ZYRX
  Description: match the pattern
  Game: Yaris vs Yaris
  Description: drive about town
  Game: Groovy Glider
  Description: pick up the Pringles chips - avoid the cans
  Game: Dealer Dash
  Description: drug buying game
  Game: The Great Small Race
  Description: drive the Corgi vehicle
  Game: Solve the Murder
  Description: game from the Crime and Investigation Network
  Game: ZZ STROP
  Description: soccer head butt game
  Game: King of Power
  Description: boat racing game
  Game: Nudist Trampolining
  Description: fun in the sun
  Game: BattleDungeon
  Description:  a browser-based game where players complete in individual games for prizes.
  Game: Bounty Decathlon
  Description: house wives and husbands go for the gold
  Game: Kaizen Racing
  Description: Includes Pitstops
  Game: Grudge 2
  Description: look around, explore, escape
  Game: Naughty American History
  Description: are you smart enough to go all the way?
  Game: Galactic Gravity Golf
  Description: curl the ball around the planets into the black hole
  Game: Food Fight
  Description: eat the food as it's thrown at you.
  Game: Wizardy
  Description: math game
  Game: Simple IQ
  Description: 13 minute IQ test
  Game: The Quest for Sugar
  Description: help Vito the Fly get his sweets
  Game: Tardis Tennis
  Description: volley, lob, score
  Game: Slave Hack
  Description: a virtual hack simulation game
  Game: Football Time
  Description: strike as many of the icons as you can.
  Game: Sudoku Combat
  Description: Play against people, show the world how good you are
  Game: ZWOK
  Description: blooz v grienz
  Game: Self Referential Aptitude Test
  Description: The test is the test
  Game: Car Footy Game
  Description: soccer with cars
  Game: Tease Game
  Description: dazzle the boys
  Game: Gun Run
  Description: run an gun shooter game
  Game: Penumbra
  Description: horror adventure game featuring state of the art graphics and physics
  Game: Galaktori
  Description: explore even the least likely possibilities
  Game: Callucci
  Description: you're on the run, get away!
  Game: Beer League Ping Ball
  Description: contains adult contact
  Game: Soccer Strip Quest
  Description: contains nudity
  Game: Deal or No Deal
  Description: take what the offer or take a chance
  Game: David Beckham Academy
  Description: three soccer games
  Game: Celebrity Kickin'
  Description: give them a kick and send them flying and bouncing
  Game: Toon Cup
  Description: the World Cup game from the Cartoon Network
  Game: The Amazing Dare Dozen
  Description: get the eggs to places they would never dare to go to before
  Game: Senses Challenge
  Description: put your senses to the test
  Game: Zombie Game
  Description: massive multiplayer game
  Game: Monopoly World Cup
  Description: soccer game from Hasbro
  Game: Soccer Challenge
  Description: a set of 8 mini games based on the theme of soccer (football)
  Game: Hole in One
  Description: from Treo
  Game: Combo
  Description: Avoid the black squares, capture colored squares, make the combo
  Game: Jigsaw Sudoku
  Description: sudoku game
  Game: World Cup Glory
  Description: set your formation and go for the cup
  Game: Pimp My Ride UK
  Description: collect the pimp coins, you only have 2 minutes
  Game: Be John Terry
  Description: be the best at every corner
  Game: Studs Up Soccer
  Description: you will have five attacking and five defensive opportunities
  Game: Playdojam
  Description: motion tracking webcam game
  Game: The Streaking Game
  Description: keep going and keep showing
  Description: freeware point & click adventure
  Game: Frogger
  Description: why did the frog cross the road?
  Game: The True False Identity
  Description: Use all functions of your browser and of your computer to proceed to the next level.
  Game: Toon Crisis
  Description: shoot em up - cartoon style
  Game: Poseidon
  Description: what would you do in a sinking ship?
  Game: Binball Wizard
  Description: get the ball in the bin
  Game: World Drifting Championship
  Description: race around the track
  Game: Taxi Snapper
  Description: take pix of the people riding in the taxis
  Game: How Does your Garden Grow?
  Description: become a virtual gardener
  Game: Splash Dash
  Description: get back to your table without spilling your beer
  Game: Find Her Differences
  Description: celebrity eye candy game
  Game: Chronon
  Description: find your way around a very cool place
  Game: Gwigle
  Description: an educational game to help you use Google more effectively
  Game: Noodle Miner
  Description: game featuring Pot Noodles
  Game: Invader 360
  Game: Footballers Wives
  Description: create your own soap opera
  Game: Mug Shot
  Description: Get your tea bag in the mugs
  Game: Bomb Wars
  Description: multiplayer game
  Game: Mansion Impossible
  Description: make enough money to get the mansion.
  Game: YUI Tetris
  Description: tetris using Yahoo! User Interface Library.
  Game: Tumbler
  Description: get the black ball through the tumbler.
  Game: JeuOnamis01
  Description: explore and escape game
  Game: Genie in the House
  Description: do your chores, but no magic.
  Game: Stagecoach Island
  Description: games from Wells Fargo
  Game: Fear Country
  Description: Use all functions of your browser and of your computer to proceed to the next level.
  Game: Plaque Fighter
  Description: fight plaque for a healthy mouth
  Game: Cone Blaster
  Description: take out your frustration on the road cones.
  Game: Domestic Bliss
  Description: you're naked, it's 1 am and you feel the need to escape
  Game: The Last Dalek
  Description: BBC Dr. Who game
  Game: Free Ballin'
  Description: make all the balls disappear.
  Game: Fly Further
  Description: game from Air France
  Game: All in the Game
  Description: score goals
  Game: Holey Moley
  Description: keep the ball from the hole
  Game: Trivial Pursuit: the 90's
  Description: from Parker Brothers
  Game: Travian
  Description: compete with thousands of other players
  Game: Tomb of Doom
  Description: explore away
  Game: Darfur is Dying
  Description: try to stay alive
  Game: Soup My Wheels
  Description: you have a pretty tight budget
  Game: Hansen's Eyebrows
  Description: pinball game using eyebrows as flippers
  Game: Avoision 2
  Description: like Avoision only 2
  Game: American Dad Vs Family Guy
  Description: slick game from Fox
  Game: High Street Headache
  Description: get across the street to get a mobile phone
  Game: Mission Impossible III
  Description: Promo game for the movie
  Game: Cars Are The Stars
  Description: Pack a car and guess what movie it was in
  Game: Oil Trader
  Description: make as much money as possible speculating in the oil market for 10 years.
  Game: Pack With Pepi
  Description: pack the fish and avoid the Yetis
  Game: Parking Perfection
  Description: park your Peugeot
  Game: Sudoku Craving
  Description: play Sudoku
  Game: Eurovision Disco
  Description: pass him a drink and he'll show you how.
  Description: Park that bad boy
  Game: Battle of the Sexes
  Description: choose your avatar and battle.
  Game: Machiavelli personality test
  Description: How Mach are you?
  Game: Get Inside
  Description: game from Stimorol Gum
  Game: Ship Shake
  Description: sink the ship
  Game: The Da Vinci Code Quest on Google
  Description: go for the grand prize
  Game: Cubrius
  Description: press the spacebar for directions
  Game: Sketch 4 Secs
  Description: how well and quickly can you draw by mouse?
  Game: Freeciv
  Description: Freeciv is maintained by an international team of coders and enthusiasts.
  Game: Bullyrush
  Description: collect the tokens and avoid the pints and cow pats
  Game: Strip Poker
  Description: you must be 18 to play
  Game: Wet T-Shirt Contest
  Description: you must be 21 to play
  Game: Uncle Sam
  Description: lock on and shoot
  Game: Resident Evil Outbreak
  Description: fight thru Raccoon City
  Game: Evil Villain Test
  Description: from O.K. Cupid
  Game: Avoision
  Description:  stay clear of the rectangles
  Game: Six Feet Under
  Description: From the TV Series
  Game: Bomb Wars
  Description: Multi-player blaster
  Game: Il Destino
  Description: Get the car out of the showroom
  Game: Heroes of Might And Magic
  Description: good game from Ubisoft
  Game: Scrat Jump
  Description: game from the movie "Ice Age The Meltdown"
  Game: Tell me how much chocolate you eat and I'll guess your age
  Description: pretty cool math game to share with your friends
  Game: Hunting Season
  Description: game from the movie "Slither"
  Game: Kaleidoscope
  Description: solve the puzzle by using gravity
  Game: Tennis Challenge
  Description: Keep the ball in the air
  Game: Funk vs Folk
  Description: virtual foosball with music
  Game: Senses Challenge
  Description: 20 timed questions from the BBC
  Game: Copter
  Description: fly as far as you can
  Game: Bionicle
  Description: Another winner from Legos
  Game: Bomb Wars
  Description: multiplayer killer game
  Game: Bubble Shooter
  Description: try to eliminate the bubbles
  Game: Neopets
  Description: the greatest Virtual Pet Site on the Internet
  Game: Karas
  Description:  battle across 2 dimensions, 1 or 2 player game
  Game: Race Driver
  Description:  auto racing simulation game
  Game: The Wicked
  Description:  40 levels - think outside the box!
  Game: Running Scared
  Description:  race and shoot
  Game: Bomb Wars
  Description:  Multi-player game
  Game: Acorn Antics
  Description:  guide the acorns into the basket, multi-levels
  Game: Unreal Flash
  Description:  Kickass game
  Game: The Image Quiz
  Description:  see the images, guess the search term
  Game: Highway to Bunny Heaven
  Description:  dodge the traffic while collecting the eggs
  Game: Hapland 3
  Description:  make your way through Hapland
  Game: The Inside Job
  Description:  someone hands you a phone - and it's not a gift.  Editor's Choice
  Game: Still Shaking It
  Description:  grab the donkey
  Game: Pack With Pepi
  Description:  Help Pepi pack the fish for his holiday trip.
  Game: Senate Seeker
  Description:  multiplayer political game
  Game: From Space With Love
  Description:  promote peace and love
  Game: Cool Breath Power
  Description:  Explore this amazing animated world
  Game: Toonami
  Description:  Flying shooter game
  Game: Nation States
  Description:  free nation simulation game
  Game: Mr Tomato Head
  Description:  Dress up the tomato till he looks good, or something
  Game: Deal or no Deal
  Description:  accept the deal, or not
  Game: Sushi Samurai
  Description:  make sushi while avoiding deadly enemies.
  Game: Nightmares On Wax
  Description:  Nice Tetris game from War Records.
  Game: Viva La Volley
  Description:  stunning football volleying game.
  Game: Getaway, Black Monday
  Description:  sequel to the popular "Getaway".
  Game: Mantown Money Shot
  Description:  game from the folks at WAAF, 107.3 FM
  Game: Transporter 2
  Description:  game based on the movie
  Game: Full Throttle
  Description:  Jump the dangerous ravines.
  Game: Queerpower
  Description:  gender bender game.
  Game: Roboclaw
  Description:  pick up the blue orbs and drop them into the goals.
  Game: bit unfair
  Description:  life is a breeze when you are rich.
  Game: Ostrich Jump II
  Description:  Jump, duck, avoid the trouble.
  Game: Chasm
  Description:  avoid crashing into the walls
  Game: Obsessed
  Description:  Test your skills in 30 seconds mini games, from MTV
  Game: Jockey Shots
  Description:  Stay on the bucking horse as long as possible.
  Game: The Streaking Game
  Description:  avoid security and then escape in your getaway van.
  Game: flOw
  Description:  Dive deep into the space eat and evolve
  Game: Snipers
  Description:  Very nice shooter from the History Channel.
  Game: Homewrecker
  Description:  Canada's worst handyman helps you with your home improvements.
  Game: Hostel
  Description:  kill or be killed game promoting the Quentin Tarantino movie.
  Game: Draw a Piraka
  Description:  connect the dots before the time runs out.
  Game: Turbo Tanks
  Description:  Shoot the other tank, don't get shot.
  Game: Intelligence Test
  Description:  complete the phrases to make sense.
  Game: The Clock is Ticking
  Description:  What if everyone on earth consumed oil at the same rate as you?
  Game: Diary Defender
  Description:  Game from Vicks nasal spray
  Game: Lord of War
  Description:  game based on the Nicholas Cage movie.
  Game: The Hills Have Eyes
  Description:  Game based on the movie.
  Game: Extreme Survival Quiz
  Description:  evaluate your survival potential with this quiz.
  Game: EleJumper
  Description:  select your angle and power, then make your jump.
  Game: Fun Movie Quiz 2
  Description:  You see the scene, now guess the film it came from.
  Game: Massive Multiplayer Pong
  Description:  Work with others to play the game.
  Game: Serenity
  Description:  Only you can fix the ship's problems.
  Game: Catch the Signs
  Description:  oddly sexy game from Dodge.
  Game: Pro Curling
  Description:  Get that rock into the inner circle.
  Game: Sprinter
  Description:  Run as fast as you can.
  Game: Project Arse
  Description:  get the drunk home.
  Game: 24, the Game
  Description:  based on the hit TV show.
  Game: Lemmings
  Description:  walk, dig and float to victory.
  Game: Monk's Mind
  Description:  game based on the USA Network's series "Monk".
  Game: Evolution Game
  Description:  from the BBC
  Game: Brown Cow Curling
  Description:  it is an Olympic sport only with cows.
  Game: Flick n' Kick
  Description:  rugby game
  Game: Nuts About Film
  Description:  film Quiz
  Game: Harry the Hamster
  Description:  help Harry gather up all the pieces of the golden wheel.
  Game: Viral Billiards
  Description:  spread the infection.
  Game: Icicle Climb
  Description:  help the Yeti climb as far as possible.
  Game: Name That Candy Bar
  Description:  can you tell which candy it is by viewing a cross section?
  Game: Hot Rocks
  Description:  asteroids game
  Game: Gunmaster
  Description:  stay alive as long as possible.
  Game: The Bonte Room
  Description:  are you smart enough to get out?
  Game: Ball Revamped 2
  Description:  keep the ball in the air.
  Game: Being I.T.
  Description:  You are the I.T. guy. Teach the others in your office a lesson.
  Game: Escape to Obion
  Description:  find the secret tunnel and report back to the rest of the crew.
  Game: Dream
  Description:  liberate and identify the cause of the coma.
  Game: Easter Island Game
  Description:  move the statue across the island to join the others.
  Game: Bomb Disposal
  Description:  get to the bombs before the fuse stops burning.
  Game: King of Skeleton
  Description:  win a trip to the winter olympics.
  Game: Etch-a-Sketch
  Description:  from the creaters of the movie "Elf".
  Game: Stretch Bendycoot
  Description:  draw the perfect move shape.
  Game: Stagecoach Island
  Description:  racing games from Wells Fargo Bank.
  Game: The Longest Yard
  Description:  punt the ref as far as you can.
  Game: Global Rescue
  Description:  the R.A.F. to the rescue.
  Game: Chill Out
  Description:  Get to the ice cream cone at the end of each level.
  Game: Swoop to Nuts
  Description:  winter is coming little squirrel.
  Game: Papparazi
  Description:  earn money for good photos.
  Game: Falling Sand Game
  Description:  draw lines to make patterns.
  Game: Whitey Christmas
  Description:  try to make it home from the pub after some hard drinking.
  Game: Sneaky Santa
  Description:  help Santa loot the house.
  Game: Reindeer Roundup
  Description:  tranquilize the deer but don't hit the elves.
  Game: Good Elf, Bad Elf
  Description:  remove the bad elves from Santa's workshop.
  Game: Stack Trace
  Description:  remove the pieces that are not overlapped, one at a tome.
  Game: Hand Jibe
  Description:  keep the board from filling up by making matches.
  Game: Hop "N" Bop
  Description:  restart the cooling fans before the meltdown.
  Game: Hellbound
  Description:  you're in hell, destroy the demons.
  Game: SantaGangsta
  Description:  save the gansta from himself for 3 minutes).
  Game: Splat
  Description:  PacMan game
  Game: Menu Mayhem
  Description:  become the employee of the month.
  Game: Leroy the Hand
  Description:  explore using Leroy, Editor's Choice.
  Game: Snowman Salvage
  Description:  you are their last hope!
  Game: Shadow of the Hamunaptra
  Description:  make your way through the maze.
  Game: Breakout
  Description:  destroy the blocks, a game from Hitachi.
  Game: Make a Splash.
  Description:  guide Shamu to soak as much of the audience as possible
  Game: Jeopardy
  Description:  TV style game from Sony Pictures.
  Game: Web of Words
  Description:  Wrap Spidey's nemesis in a web of words.
  Game: Clowning Around
  Description:  keep the clown balanced on the rope despite the flying pies.
  Game: Dirty Harry
  Description:  get the kids and 2d to the helipad.
  Game: Santa Slay
  Description:  throw snowballs at the sleigh and pick up the dropped toys.
  Game: Pub Fight
  Description:  serve drinks to the regulars or throw out the riffraff.
  Game: Seeds of Imagination
  Description:  plant a seed and grow a flower that's uniquely you.
  Game: Deep Space Deli
  Description:  clear the board of sandwiches.
  Game: Rocky's Biscuit Breakout
  Description:  feed the wiener dog.
  Game: Gyro Runner - balance on the moving ball.
  Game: The Dark Complex
  Description:  find your way through the Dark Complex.
  Game: Chainsaw Maniac
  Description:  kill off as many maniacs as you can.
  Game: Jedi Trainer
  Description:  destroy the droids with your light sabre.
  Game: Supersize Celebs
  Description:  guess who the photoshopped celebrities are.
  Game: Copter Escape
  Description:  help 007 get away.
  Game: Kafkamesto
  Description:  live in a Kafkaesque town.
  Game: Guess The Google
  Description:  look at the images, guess the search term.
  Game: Hot seat gunner
  Description:  destroy a robot with a bouncing ball.
  Game: Dogs
  Description:  footie game from the band.
  Game: Circlefish
  Description:  pick up the sections in numeric order.
  Game: Zombiegrinder
  Description:  shoot 'em up.
  Game: The Movies
  Description:  Make and publish your own movie.
  Game: Super Walkland
  Description:  win a Sony Walkman.
  Game: Mike the Milkman Game
  Description:  become the world milk squirting champion.
  Game: How Corrupt Are You?
  Description:  we dare you to answer truthfully.
  Game: Letters
  Description:  type out the letters as they enter the screen.
  Game: tangram game
  Description:  arrange the pieces into the shape given.
  Game: Mercury Game
  Description:  defend your car from it's admirers.
  Game: Chomp Champ
  Description:  if you don't want to get beat, dig in and eat.
  Game: Lift Your Cups
  Description:  game from Nescafe.
  Game: Klax3D
  Description:  arrange the tiles as they drop off the conveyor belt.
  Game: Bad Santa
  Description:  game based on the movie.
  Game: Come Dancing
  Description:  select your dancers and direct them to the prize.
  Game: Sancho's Island
  Description:  be Sancho Panza and discover the story behind the book.
  Game: BLINK182
  Description:  skateboard naked through the streets listening to the band's greatest hits.
  Game: Invaders 360
  Description:  shoot the invaders.
  Game: Fourtris
  Description:  like Tetris but with cross shapes.
  Game: The Flashing Button Game
  Description:  click on the flashing button, not so easy as you might think.
  Game: The Daily Crossword
  Description:  with a timer
  Game: Save the Hoodie
  Description:  protect your favorite apparel item.
  Game: King Kong Jump
  Description:  a game from Pringles
  Game: Va Va Voom
  Description:  Drive the new Renault Clio
  Game: Shakespeare Murder Mystery
  Description:  prevent murders with clues from Shakespeare's works.
  Game: Code Word
  Description:  find the hidden word by guessing letters.
  Game: Define Time
  Description:  pit your word knowledge against the clock.
  Game: ANKH
  Description:  adventure / discovery game. Very nice!
  Game: HSBC Golf 2005
  Description:  perfect your game.
  Game: Sentinel Hunt
  Description:  game from phantasm, the movie
  Game: Meanwhile
  Description:  there's more here than meets the eye, have fun.
  Game: Snack Man
  Description:  collect the jewels, avoid the police.
  Game: Fright Club
  Description:  defeat your demons.
  Game: Trade Ruler
  Description:  game from the awarders of the Nobel Prize!
  Game: Trivial Pursuit Quiz
  Description:  from Parker Brothers.
  Game: Ultimate Sodaku
  Description:  number game that's all the rage.
  Game: Gun Run
  Description:   run fast, destroy enemies.
  Game: Waking the Dead
  Description:  based on the BBC series.
  Game: Fetish Flip 'N Match
  Description:  test your knowledge of fetishes.
  Game: Alpha Team
  Description:  another quality game from Lego.
  Game: Cyber Box
  Description:  slide the boxes to win.
  Game: Boy Battle
  Description:  dancing moves game.
  Game: Escape from Rhetundo Island
  Description:  get off the island & save Johnny Tag.
  Game: Mansion Impossible
  Description:  make enough money to buy your mansion.
  Game: Phantasm Sentinal Hunt
  Description:  game from the movie.
  Game: Attack of the Killer Teddy
  Description:  the cuddly little bears are lethal.
  Game: Legend of Zorro
  Description:  game based on the movie.
  Game: Blockbuster Quiz
  Description:  test your movie knowledge.
  Game: Kick Up World Cup
  Description:  play soccer.
  Game: Cunning Stunt
  Description:  jump the canyon.
  Game: Flight of the Felix
  Description:  fly about collecting fishbones, mice and cat food.
  Game: Tripods
  Description:  Google Maps Game.
  Game: Easy Cruise
  Description:  take the cruise ship from port to port.
  Game: Maze
  Description:  navigate the maze.
  Game: Flying Spaghetti Monster
  Description:  convert as many nonbelievers as possible into Pastafarians.
  Game: Clever Waste of Time
  Description:  use reality based tools to solve puzzles.
  Game: Cornhole
  Description:  get your bag through the hole, from Nabisco.
  Game: Urbaniacs
  Description:  use your super power to save the citizens.
  Game: Flavor Station
  Description:  choose a flavor and choose your destination.
  Game: Smack Talk
  Description:  customize the Coach and get ready to talk smack.
  Game: Monkeys in Space
  Description:  collect bananas, destroy alien spacecraft.
  Game: Figgles
  Description:  the bug follows the curser.
  Game: Box of the Banned
  Description:  play it before they ban it.
  Game: Redline Racer
  Description:  can you take the babes to the limit?
  Game: NFH Propaganda
  Description:  very nifty "find your way about" game.
  Game: Enter the Car
  Description:  find the way in.
  Game: Gullibility Factor Test
  Description:  what do you really think?
  Game: Square Word
  Description:  use the letters provided to fill the square without the same letters touching.
  Game: Red Bull Dragsterday
  Description:  maximise speed, avoid damage.
  Game: Troyis
  Description:  an action puzzle game.
  Game: Bill the Demon
  Description:  a loud voice and an eating disorder.
  Game: Cry Wolf
  Description:  a contest of survival.
  Game: Take to the Streets
  Description:  destroy the gangs, save the town.
  Game: DFILM Moviemaker
  Description:  put together your own animated creation.
  Game: Hello Kitty 2
  Description:  beat your opponents to the end of the track.
  Game: 23860
  Description:  use your arrow keys to surf through the tunnel avoiding obstacles.
  Game: Connexions
  Description:  produce a complete shape.
  Game: Threesome
  Description:  work together to reach your goal.
  Game: Funky Neighbors
  Description:  quiet down those noisy neighbors.
  Game: Infect
  Description:  infect, evolve, repeat.
  Game: Pyramid Solitare
  Description:  classic card game.
  Game: Tilox
  Description:  remove the tiles by jumping on them.
  Game: Sin City
  Description:  don't let them take you alive
  Game: Hangover
  Description:  catch the bubbles with your submarine.
  Game: Love Bites Game
  Description:  throw objects at the boys.
  Game: Same Game
  Description:  make the fewest moves to eliminate the squares.
  Game: Casino
  Description:  escape the rooms.
  Game: Cool Person Test
  Description:  you do want to know, don't you?
  Game: British Whale
  Description:  dart game and band site.
  Game: Domino Pressure
  Description:  falling domino game.
  Game: Dead Pets Game
  Description:  eat them, stuff them, love them.
  Game: Freefall
  Description:  remove all colored shapes from the board.
  Game: Marmalade Mayhem
  Description:  with Paddington Bear.
  Game: Star Fly III
  Description:  clear out the space junk.
  Game: Red Driving School
  Description:  learn to park.
  Game: Urban Dead
  Description:  multi player urban apocalypse.
  Game: Tongue Tracks
  Description:  Fruit Roll-Ups game.
  Game: Lust for Bust
  Description:  don't get caught peeking.
  Game: Pedal to the Metal
  Description:  racing game
  Game: Personality Tests and Tools
  Description:  enough to keep you amused for days.
  Game: Bomb Defusal
  Description:  you have 20 minutes to find and defuse the bomb.
  Game: Clutterbuck Valley
  Description:  a mysterious town.
  Game:   Stackopolis
  Description:  the most addictive game since Tetris.
  Game: Crazy Frog
  Description:  use the beat to help score points.
  Game: B F Goodrich
  Description:  find those tires.
  Game: Galvanize
  Description:  destroy boxes, fight monsters, avoid saw blades.
  Game: Interactive Investigation
  Description:  foul play is suspected!
  Game: What Kind of Office Animal Are You?
  Description:  from the BBC
  Game: Case 01
  Description:  ah, murder...anyone I know?
  Game: Eight Letters in Search of a Word
  Description:  make words from scrambled letters.
  Game: Net Disaster
  Description:  destroy your favorite website.
  Game: European Geography Quiz
  Description:  drag the country to its location.
  Game: Mosquito
  Description:  collect blood for a vaccine to save the earth.
  Game: The Mighty Boosh Adventure Trail
  Description:  from the BBC
  Game: Dr Dingle's Laboratory
  Description:  free Dr Dingle from Marty.
  Game: Injection
  Description:  driving simulations from Dunlop.
  Game: Self Referential Aptitude Test
  Description:  wow!!!  Spoiler here.
  Game: Spitfire Assault
  Description:  prove your worth as a Spitfire pilot.
  Game: Mini Bet On Soldier
  Description:  a rootin' tootin shootin' game.
  Game: Boiler Breakdown
  Description:  fix the boiler.
  Game: Yetisports9
  Description:  only hit penguins.
  Game: Last Stand
  Description:  make your way through Tijuana.
  Game: Planarity
  Description:  arrange the vertices such that no edges overlap.
  Game: Sonic Boom Town
  Description:  drive around & destroy buildings with your car stereo
  Game: Water Balloon Fight
  Description:  wet and wild
  Game: Myth or Fact?
  Description:  quizzes from the Discovery Channel
  Game: Road Trip
  Description:  Hit the road
  Game: Treasure Hunt
  Description:  where is Captain Elmo's Treasure Island.
  Game:    Stella Household Challenge
  Description:  from Comedy Central
  Game: Murder Investigation
  Description:  find the clues, solve the crime
  Game: Film School
  Description:  make a big budget movie
  Game: Land of the Dead
  Description:  loot and shoot
  Game: Moon Master
  Description:  save your colonies
  Game: Nissan Challenge
  Description:  jump the busses
  Game: Abalone
  Description:  the game of marbles 
  Game: Rugby
  Description:  the Lions vs the All Blacks
  Game: Dr Phil Test
  Description:  10 questions let you know more about yourself.
  Game: Pearl Hunt
  Description:  get the pearls through the maze before time runs out.
  Game: Quest for the Golden Dragon
  Description:  from Legos!
  Game: Fun Cup
  Description:  race the VW Beetles
  Game: Beast Blender
  Description:  the Minnesota association of rogue taxidermists run this site
  Game: Sub Manuva
  Description:  dance your '!'! off
  Game: Strongbow Room
  Description:  use your strongbow to get the girl of your dreams.
  Game: Puzzle Land
  Description:  help James Mahoggany defeat his arch rival Gregory.
  Game: Conrad's Fate
  Description:  find the armor scattered across time and space
  Game: Space Ride
  Description:  hit a homer with an astronaut
  Game: GlobZ
  Description:  explode all the balloons.
  Game: Treasure Hunt
  Description:  all legos, all the time.
  Game: Piece
  Description:  find what's happening here
  Game: Samurai
  Description:  move left, move right, crouch, attack.
  Game: Break in the Crowd
  Description:  breakdance & earn some cred.
  Game: Most Wanted
  Description:  shoot the bad guys.
  Game: Fastball Reaction Time
  Description:  can you hit a major league fastball?
  Game: Vexed
  Description:  move similar blocks together to make them disappear.
  Game: Surfing
  Description:  surf the waves and avoid the nasties.
  Game:    Fun Copter
  Description:  just don't crash.
  Game: 42 Games
  Description:  pit yourself against the galaxy's finest
  Game: The Slacker Turtle and the Hare
  Description:  use your turbo shot for strength.
  Game: Nascow
  Description:  choose your character, race your tractor.
  Game: Deltora Quest
  Description:  find all seven gems for the Belt of Deltora and defeat the Shadow Lord.
  Game: Juiced Up Life
  Description:  plan your end of summer party.
  Game: Flame Out
  Description:  defeat the attacking Chimeras.
  Game: Turin Breaks
  Description:  set the butterflies free.
  Game: Telescope Game
  Description:  use your vacuum cleaner to get the ball into the hole.
  Game: Thump
  Description:  drive your van to the finish line.
  Game: Warming Up
  Description:  hint, try to change the url address
  Game: Click Red
  Description:  click on anything red.
  Game: Magnetism
  Description:  choice of thought or skill based games.
  Game: Fireman vs. Bass
  Description:  find Bass and then defeat him.
  Game: Poom
  Description:  keep the ball bouncing away from the square hole.
  Game: Heidi
  Description:  throw the bell.
  Game: Snake jump
  Description:  jump the snake from platform to platform.
  Game: Stereotypes
  Description:  mix and match faces.
  Game: Where iz Matiz?
  Description:  hide and seek, find Chevy's smallest car.
  Game: Gutterball
  Description:  bowling game.
  Game: Need for Madness
  Description:  car race game.
  Game: The Cave
  Description:  make your way through the cave, from Sony pictures.
  Game: BumperBall
  Description:  one or two player bumper car game.
  Game: Pig Sty Panic
  Description:  fix the problems in the sty to get to the next level.
  Game: Viper Ace
  Description:  road race game where you drive a Viper.
  Game: BMX Park
  Description: ride and style.
  Game: What's your Super Power
  Description:  mine is super strength.
  Game: Burrito Game
  Description:  fight off the peppers with tortillas.
  Game: 99 rooms
  Description:  visit them all
  Game: Flavor Flippers
  Description:  Wonka game
  Game: Experimental Gameplay
  Description:  games developed at Carnegie Mellon U.
  Game: Guess which Movie
  Description:  see a still, pick the right movie.
  Game: Axe Shower Gel
  Description:  remove evidence of your sordid life.
  Game: The Sith Sense
  Description:  play 20 questions with Darth Vader
  Game: The Rule of Four
  Description:  from Random House
  Game: Daily Show Game
  Description:  the best show on TV has a game.
  Game: UNDERdog
  Description:  protect the monks as they cast the demon killing spell
  Game: Head Games
  Description:  help Carl get his head back
  Game: Planets
  Description:  adjust your course for gravitational pull.
  Game: Grolsch Reaper Golf Game
  Description:  don't fear the reaper.
  Game: Click the Color
  Description:  and not the word.
  Game: ONG BAK
  Description:  fight club game
  Game: Fasan Fosning
  Description:  herd the dangerous ducks into danger.
  Game: Legend of the Dragon Fist
  Description:  defeat all 10 opponents.
  Game: M3Power
  Description:  jet ski challenge from Gillette.
  Game: Deanimator
  Description:  based on the stories of H. P. Lovecraft
  Game: DaVinci Code
  Description:  companion game for the book, from Random House.
  Game: Energy Ninjas
  Description:  put the brakes on climate change.
  Game: The Last Dalek Game
  Description:  Dr Who game from the BBC.
  Game: Where did they get that name? Game
  Description:  rockstar and band trivia game.
  Game: Steppenwolf
  Description:  guide the characters through a series of puzzles.
  Game: Ted Nugent's Rampage
  Description:  shoot 'em up game starring the aging rocker.
  Game: Smart Stick
  Description:  help stickman get around.
  Game: Cityscape
  Description:  create a new city.
  Game: Fulfillment
  Description:  fill the square with the shapes.
  Game: Trojan Guard
  Description:  destroy the missles but don't get hit.
  Game: All the President's Hair
  Description:  see the hair, guess the prez.
  Game: Big Bird Race
  Description:  you're an albatross trying to cross 6,000 miles of open water.
  Game: Pinball
  Description:  retro looking pinball game, plays like the real thing.
  Game: Gridlock
  Description:  explore the grid.
  Game: Cyber Chase
  Description:  the game that takes you into Cyberspace!
  Game: Guess the Google
  Description:  you see the pictures, now guess the Google Image Search keywords.
  Game: G-Max Skateboarding
  Description:  show off your skills.
  Game: Coffee Tycoon
  Description:  make a coffee empire. Be a STAR, make some BUCKS.
  Game: Sliding Block Puzzles
  Description:  addictive strategy game.
  Game: XXX Xtreme
  Description:  based on the movies.
  Game: WMD Hunt
  Description:  you are the only hope for world peace.
  Game: The Garden of Zopa
  Description:  the world's first interactive garden.
  Game: For a Few Dollars More
  Description:  game based on early Clint Eastwood flicks.
  Game: Kung Fu Statesman
  Description:  bury the issues, find the old minifesto.
  Game: Brain Drop
  Description:  drop the gold ball to the bottom without dropping any silver balls.
  Game: Ant City
  Description:  use your magnifying glass to burn the people.
  Game: Traffic Control 2
  Description:  control the lights to prevent traffic jams.
  Game: VXR
  Description:  very nice driving simulation.
  Game: Hide the hotties
  Description:  hide the hotties around your crib.
  Game: Freaky Football
  Description:  score touchdowns against an extreme defense.
  Game: Driven
  Description:  3D game, find the key to escape.
  Game: Anti Bush Video Game
  Description:  the title speaks for itself.
  Game: Trackmania
  Description:  the faster you drive, the more points you get.
  Game: Puki
  Description:  get the rapidly reproducing Pukis back in their cages before they overrun your ship.
  Game: Treasure Hunt
  Description:  help Becky solve the puzzles & find the treasure.
  Game: Oshiro
  Description:  puzzles & action survival.
  Game: Nyrdl Madness
  Description:  stay alive in the maze.
  Game: Breakfast Brawl
  Description:  box your way through the ranks of unsatisfying breakfasts.
  Game: Milko Game
  Description:  keep the plane from crashing.
  Game: Star Fighter
  Description:  save the universe.
  Game: Tork
  Description:  can you torque the talk?
  Game: Alien Abductor
  Description:  fly your ship and bring back a life form, if they like it or not.
  Game: Garfield's Comic Creator
  Description:  build your own Garfield comic.
  Game: Cave Dude's Adventure
  Description:  click on the right place to move the hero.
  Game: Hoax Photo Test
  Description:  can you spot the fakes?
  Game: Veritech Ace
  Description:  defeat the space bandits with your starfighter.
  Game: Tropical Swaps
  Description:  free the animals by completing the pictures.
  Game: Guess the Dictator or TV Sitcom Character
  Description:  you submit a character, it guesses.
  Game: Name that candy bar
  Description:  guess the candy bar by viewing cross sections
  Game: Ageproject
  Description:  guess the age of the people in the pictures.
  Game: Courage the Cowardly Dog
  Description:  game from the Cartoon Network.
  Game: Twinoo
  Description:  test each brain hemisphere at the same time.
  Game: The Hungry Cyclist
  Description:  get food, avoid obstacles.
  Game: Hedgehog Game
  Description:  use the catapult to get the hedgehog to the goals.
  Game: Dancematic
  Description:  dance your way to a place on "the list".
  Game: Mitchell Brothers
  Description:  choose your Mitchell and score goals.
  Game: The Haggis Hurl
  Description:  hurl your haggis toward the target.
  Game: Mobster Life
  Description:  multi player mobster game.
  Game: Office Escape
  Description:  collect the noodles, get gone.
  Game: Avatar High School
  Description:  customize your students, ruin their lives.
  Game: Dustbingate
  Description: game from the movie of the same name.
  Game: Sex I.D. Test
  Description:  do you have a man's or a woman's brain?
  Game: Lynx
  Description:  Grab the flowers, avoid the other stuff, become worthy.
  Game: Interactive Buddy
  Description:  we're not sure why this is so amusing, just drop a grenade and see for yourself.]
  Game: Sheep Dash
  Description:  tranquilize the escaping sheep.
  Game: The Bourne Simulator
  Description:  you are Jason Bourne.
  Game: Fight Game
  Description:  duck and weave, block punches and set up your opponent for the K.O.
  Game: Roam and Protect
  Description:  destroy the enemy ships before they get your allies.
  Game: Trivial Pursuit Quiz
  Description:  get all six right and maybe win a free Trivial Pursuit game.
  Game: Speedy Relief
  Description:  drag the red noses around the track
  Game: Get Your Nits Out
  Description:  delouse lennie
  Game: The House
  Description:  make your way through The House
  Game: Kung Fu Fighting
  Description:  select a character and kick some butt.
  Game: Spike Boy
  Description:  move Spike around the island.
  Game: Hapland
  Description:  light both torches & open the Portal. Try not to kill too many people.
  Game: Greedy Piñatas
  Description:  swat the piñatas and get your treats back.
  Game: Rodeo
  Description:   tame the raging bull.
  Game: Gonzo Stunt Game
  Description:  fire the Great Gonzo into the bucket.
  Game: Combination Lock
  Description:  solve the equation, unlock the lock.
  Game: Not Pron
  Description:  the hardest riddle available on the internet.
  Game: Life on Mars
  Description:  play Mars favorite game show, win a trip to Earth.
  Game: Image Puzzle
  Description:  find the URL hidden in the image file to move on.
  Game: Kung Fu Hustle
  Description:  games and diversions from China's top movie.
  Game: The Past
  Description:  space shooter.
  Game: City Jumper Extreme
  Description:  capture the key to the city.
  Game: Polar Bear Parking
  Description:  slide into the parking space. Don't knock over the penguins.
  Game: PureScore
  Description:  how pure are you anyway?
  Game: Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse
  Description:  kill zombies
  Game: Eco Quest
  Description:  the Greenpeace game to save the planet.
  Game: The Phone
  Description:  each new number takes you to another place
  Game: Overhaulin
  Description:  turn the rusty wreck into a dream machine.
  Game: Firefighter
  Description:  use your skill and judgement to extinguish the fire.
  Game: Mardi Gras Street Party
  Description:  collect all the beads you can before midnight
  Game: Spot the Fake Smile
  Description:  can you tell the difference?
  Game: i-Pong
  Description:  pong game.
  Game: Freeboard
  Description:  snowboard game.
  Game: Virtually Lost
  Description:  make your way through this flash site.
  Game: Flickball
  Description:  neat football game from Budweiser & ESPN
  Game: Jaffa Cakes
  Description:  two games for your initiation as Jaffaholics.
  Game: Star Monger
  Description:  conquer star systems, build an armada of ships.
  Game: Earthquakes
  Description:  make a quake, from the Learning Channel.
  Game: Jet
  Description:  move around the Jet house collecting drinks. Good tunes here too.
  Game: Proximity
  Description:  take control of the most armies.
  Game: Beach Squirter
  Description:  squirt the sunbather with your squirt gun.
  Game: Chuting Stars
  Description:  parachute into Las Vegas.
  Game: Prognosticate
  Description:  predict the next word in each news story.
  Game: Replicator
  Description:  shoot bugs, destroy eggs.
  Game: The Box3
  Description:  avoid the red box.
  Game: Toboggan Jump
  Description:  set the speed and watch 'em fly.
  Game: Paper Airplane Flight Simulator
  Description:  adjust the settings, fly the plane.
  Game: Iron Chef America
  Description:  battle for kitchen stadium
  Game: Polar Express Ticket Game
  Description:  Your ticket blew out the window. Get it back.
  Game: Bellman
  Description:  hit a tree, get points.
  Game: A Triangle Morning's Which Way Adventure
  Description:  Choose your path to adventure.
  Game: Bongo Babes
  Description:  a Leisure Suit Larry game.
  Game: Pinball
  Description:  pinball game.
  Game: Get Set Boogie
  Description:  help Sunny pick up the spilled contents of his girl's purse in the roller disco.
  Game: Armchair Games
  Description:  4 games with a chance to win a Sony DVD.
  Game: QB Challenge
  Description:  complete passes downfield.
  Game: What's the catch
  Description:  Tom and Jerry antic game!
  Game: Chairlift Challenge
  Description:  throw snowballs at the people on the chairlift.
  Game: Make a Flake
  Description:  make your own snowflake.
  Game: Santa Maker
  Description:  turn the goofy guy into Santa.
  Game: Springfield Snow Fight
  Description:   throw snowballs at Simpsons characters.
  Game: Infinite Drive
  Description:  from Saab.
  Game: Spooks
  Description:  join the M15. From the BBC.
  Game: Checkpoint
  Description:  go through the checkpoint and explore the territory.
  Game: Maze
  Description:  find your way from page 1 to page 45 and back again
  Game: Operation Switchover
  Description:  shoot the obsolete TV's and maybe win a Sony!
  Game: Royal Rampage
  Description:  slam as many Corgis as you can before the Queen gets too angry.
  Game: Riddick's Revenge
  Description:  throw the knives at the moving targets.
  Game: Place the State
  Description:  put each state in it's place
  Game: Thunder Squadron
  Description:  battle the extraterrestrial invaders.
  Game: The Hiding Room
  Description:  find your way around the hiding room.
  Game: Where did the time go?
  Description: take the quiz and find out. 
  Game: The Dark Room
  Description: navigate the dark room. 
  Game: Idea Killer
  Description: kill all the good ideas by throwing things at them. 
  Game: Reflex
  Description: guide the balls by repositioning the mirrors. 
  Game: Grim Ball
  Description: help Mandy defeat Grim in Dodgeball 
  Game: Celebrity Stomp
  Description: stomp the bugs in your jungle camp. 
  Game: Chi Chian
  Description: shooter game from the sci-fi channel. 
  Game: Common Cents
  Description: which is the real penny? 
  Game: Puzzle Donkey 4
  Description: work your way through the puzzles. They get harder as you go. 
  Game: Pandaf Golf
  Description: Christmas golf game. 
  Game: Virtual Curling
  Description: the other Canadian game. 
  Game: X-mas Bash
  Description: Santa vs. Frosty 
  Game: Mudcraft
  Description: have your mudpeople gather wud and water to make more mudpeople. 
  Game: Warehouse
  Description: push all the ice blocks to the x's 
  Game: I Think
  Description: guess the combination that consists of 4 positions & 6 possible numbers. 
  Game: TriviaGoGo
  Description: the game of petty details 
  Game: Scrabble Blast
  Description: scrabble online for the wordsmiths. 
  Game: Destruct-O-Match II
  Description: clear the boulders to build your village 
  Game: Beer Monster
  Description: collect all the beers and then head for the exit. 
  Game: Play MASH
  Description: Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House 
  Game: Making Over Mona
  Description: can you improve the Mona Lisa with a makeover? 
  Game: Shrunken Heads
  Description: clear as many shrunken heads as possible. 
  Game: Smoke City
  Description: you fly the copter, follow the arrows to complete your mission.
  Game: War of the Wards
  Description: keep the hospital from being overrun by the MRSA Bacteria.
  Game: Roach Roundup
  Description: flip the light switch to start.
  Game: Raiders of the Lost Bark
  Description: save the Congo Rain Forest.
  Game: Little Soldiers
  Description: stay alive, complete your mission.
  Game: Society of Enigmas
  Description: investigate paranormal phenomena.
  Game: Caray Snake
  Description: move around, eat, get bigger.
  Game: Space Doctor
  Description: keep the crew healthy on your way to Mars. From the BBC.
  Game: Desert Battle
  Description: fly the copter, blow up the enemy.
  Game: Not Just Cricket
  Description: but it is cricket, isn't it?
  Game: Spider-Man 2 -
  Description: help Spidey save the city
  Game: Fun Cup -
  Description: a very cool race by Uniroyal Tire.
  Game:   Kendo -
  Description: fight with a stick.

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