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A Collection of Weird Things We Found On The Internet

We set out with the best of intentions. We're looking for essential websites in astronomy or literature. The next thing you know there's something strange on the monitor that catches our attention and takes us away from the job at hand. Then we came up with a solution. If we make a page of this stuff and put it on Fat Campus, then looking at this weird stuff will be work.

Animal Yawns  - now with web cams. How can that be bad.

Biology of B Movie Monsters - a serious study.

Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation - for people traumatized at petting zoos.

Corndog Festival - the latest and greatest corndog styling competition.

The Death List - The DeathList committee draws up DeathList at the end of each year with the objective selecting the most celebrities who will die in the next calendar year.

DuBern - Stunts - if you loved "Jackass" this is for you.

Duct Tape Guys - some people work hard to get famous. Others just get a couple rolls of duct tape and a camera.

Enlighted - online gallery, featuring light-up clothing, costumes, and accessories.

Euphemism Generator - can create up to 198,211,143 unique phrases! But there's always room for more.

Geekman Action Figure - modeled by our chemistry T.A. no doubt.

Gizoogle - search engine for the Hip Hop community.

The Hole - a man, a shovel and a dream.

Immortality Device - we're dying to try this.

Instructoart - short animations that teach the obvious.

Iowa State University's insect recipes - makes you wonder about the dorm food.

Jail Cam - watch the perps getting booked in Anderson County, Tennessee.

Lazar's Gravity Generators - an explanation of space time manipulation in the propulsion system of UFOs.

Leninade - soda pop for the masses.

Lorelei Hunt - she communicates with animals using telepathy.

Maim That Tune - got a tune you can't get rid of running thru your head? They'll give you another.

M&M Sorter - for those who prefer their colors separated. Works on Skittles too!

The Matrix - The Beginning - three Belgian students make their own Matrix Movie.

Museum of Weird Consumer Culture - a very good site. It was once a Fat Campus Featured Website.

My Alien Abduction - Grammar check: should be "my abduction by aliens"...or maybe these guys did abduct an alien.

Naked News - newscasts done in the buff.

News of the Weird - updated weekly and archived. Strange but true news from around the globe.

New York Brain Bank Shipping Information - instructions for the care and handling of the human brain being shipper for research.

Orkin Virtual Roach - why visit New York City when you can study the roach in the comfort of your own crib

Patently Absurd - a compendium of the strange and wonderful patents issued in the USA> Updated weekly.

Peter Pan's Home Page - Lets see, a 50+ year old man who has a Peter Pan fixation. I guess we just gotta link to his website, now don't we.

Project Foil was the next step in the destruction of our roommates' room. Throughout the year we have taken on small projects, usually involving duct tape or saran wrap. Normally we have had a window of only an hour or so to do them. This time both Kyle and Mike left early for fall break giving us an empty room for four nights. We decided to get started right away.

Raelian Revolution - when we read it in Turkish it all fell into place. And no, we don't speak Turkish.

The Scramblizer - scramble the text of your favorite site.

Share a Taco Experience - so lame and pitiful we pit up a sympathy link.

Sick Dreams - watch the movie and then try to sleep. Yeah right.

Singing Horses - they're even good!

Stella Awards - lawsuits that go beyond the bounds of common sense.

Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments - do the words "Don't try this at home." mean anything to you?

Vehicle to autonomous biped robot conversion for the Mini Cooper r50 - a man, a machine and too much time.

Virtual Toilet Paper Museum - coffee break site.

Weird Foods From Around the World - and they all taste like chicken.

Weird TV - cool interface presents videos of the unusual.

Where is Matt? - or more precisely, where is Matt's Car?

Whistling Records - albums with songs that are nothing but whistling.

Whizzinator - device to beat drug tests.

Writings on the stall - Sample below:

In days of old
when knights were bold
and toilets not invented,
They left their load upon the road
and walked away contented.

Zombo the Clown - exists because there are a ridiculous number of people who are absolutely terrified of clowns [Coulrophobia!], and Chad Savage is in the business of scaring people.


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