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> apparel
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> deals & sales
> gag gifts & pranks
> game day signs
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Online Webcasters - Good Music on the Web

Let's assume that you are in the mood for some good tunes and, like us, you think that the programming on most broadcast radio stations leaves a whole lot to be desired. That's fine because you've found our list of the finest music webcasters on the planet, really. So fire up your New Musicmatch Jukebox 10.0, Basic Real Player or the RealPlayer Plus ($19.95) or your favorite media player, choose your favorite station from the list below and click on the listen button. To suggest a station click here.  To explore college radio stations click here.
 Eclectic Musical Selections - a bit of everything all mixed together.
Creamy Radio
Kick-ass Internet radio that covers eclectic music from the mainstream to the local scene. We play a diverse range of music, with an emphasis on tunes you won't find on the FM dial, like fringe, independent and local bands, as well as deep tracks from mainstream artists. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

An internet radio station that plays an eclectic mix of rock, alternative, classic new wave, ska and all sorts of other things that should be on real radio (but aren't). (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

Jango  is all about making online music easy, fun and social. Just type in an artist - and your first station starts playing right away. You'll get the music you want, along with similar favorites of Jango users who share your taste. Customizing your stations further is just as easy. Just add more artists and rate songs that you want to play more or less. You can also tune in to other people's stations - and they can tune in to yours! In your player, you'll see who's listening to the same music as you, who's listening to your stations, and what your friends are playing.

Radio Paradise
Each hour of music is carefully blended together to flow smoothly between different musical styles & genres - just like real DJs used to do on FM. "We don't use the computer-generated playlists or "carefully researched music libraries" that have sucked the soul out of FM radio - and we never just throw songs together at random the way many web stations do."  (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

thesixtyone makes music culture more democratic: artists upload their work for review, but, rather than allow a stuffy suit in a boardroom to decide what's good, thousands of listeners do. The best music automagically bubbles up on our homepage where you can listen to the most popular songs for any genre. It's a quick way to find new music for your iPod powered by pure excitement as opposed to some contrived marketing budget. Think you've got a good ear? Aside from customizing your experience, creating an account allows you to earn points, level up your influence, and collect badges for discovering and recommending good music that others may enjoy. On thesixtyone, tastemaking becomes fun, competitive, and trackable.

There once were no boundaries between artists and styles. You could hear more than just the same handful of songs by the same tired artists. Disc jockeys were real people who cared about the music and their community. WFUV, the NPR affiliate at Fordham University recreates this mix. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

WYCE is a most unique radio station located in West Michigan. It is programmed by a dedicated group of 80 volunteers who deliver a mix of music that can't be heard anywhere else, a mix of Folk, Blues, Jazz, Rock and Worldbeat music. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

BellyUp4Blues strives to bring you the very best in ass kicking Blues and Blues Rock on the internet. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

ABS Bluescast
Providing you with the best of Traditional and Contemporary Blues as well as featuring music from the best Blues bands of Atlanta and other Blues Societies around the world. Available 24 x 7 and provided as a Public Service by the Atlanta Blues Society, its Musician Members and its Corporate Sponsors.  (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

Midnight Blues
Midnight Blues broadcast's a diverse mix of Blues from it's roots to present day electric Blues Rock. From influential Delta Blues master Charlie Patton to Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ Blues great Bessie Smith to Janis Joplin and everything in between you will hear the best in Blues 24 hours a day. New tracks are added weekly by station manager Bumpy Roads. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

Mostly Classical
The Classical music stream from Sky.fm. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

New age stream featuring a mix tilted strongly toward contemporary classical. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

Otto"s Baroque Musick
At the center of course is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, the Bach-family and the music of the baroque era, with a touch of renaissance and early classical music, mostly historically informed performances on "authentic" instruments but not exclusively. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

Classic Heartland
Classic Heartland features independently-produced programs by volunteers who love this music as much as you do. In between these programs is a unique blend of classic country, western, bluegrass and alternative country music. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

Cowboy Cultural Society
Country and Western music tilted toward the roots of the genre, the classics of the golden age of country, as well as up and coming artists.  (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

Total Country 103
Yesterday's and today's country favorites are the staple of this listener supported station. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

The Pulse
The Pulse is run almost entirely by students of Green River Community College in Auburn, WA. Taught by radio DJ Charlie Harger, students learn all about the streaming audio technologies, broadcasting skills and studio computer equipment needed in today's radio careers. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

From Moscow with love, Shanti broadcasts an electronic mix.  (Listen),  (Visit the Website)
The ezFolk site is one of the most popular folk music resources on the Internet. Here you will find free MP3 hosting for folk and acoustic musicians, free tablature for guitar, banjo, ukulele, and harmonica, as well as over 3000 links to other web resources as well as an eclectic folk audio stream.  (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

Grassy Hill Radio
Grassy Hill is a folk music support organization. Grassy Hill Radio is the Internet's finest all-music folk/acoustic stream. Grassy Hill Barn Concerts are a monthly series of folk concerts in the beautiful rural hills of Lyme, CT. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

 Hip Hop/Rap
The Bassment
While studying at Sonoma State University, Spider got his first set of turntables in 1996 and simultaneously started The Bassment, his long running broadcast and online radio show. He learned quickly, picking up tricks and techniques by absorbing every piece of hip-hop he could get his hands on, building his skill and expanding on his understanding of the art. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)
Earthbound Radio
From Hip-Hop to Jazz and acoustic to electronic, music of all genres and forms have shown to be a universal language, with no limits and no boundaries. Earthbound reflects that image of collective sound and illuminates the people with an array of styles, formats and flavors.
 (Listen),  (Visit the Website)
idobi Radio
idobi Radio is an internet radio station which broadcasts alternative rock and punk music, as well as news updates and interviews with your favorite artists. We are committed to bringing you the best of the known (and not-so-well-known) artist from around the world. idobi Radio is also dedicated in bringing you the best music from new, independent, and unsigned artists. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

Star 104
Star 104 plays a mix of top 40 hits, pop, rock, urban and contemporary music. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)

ChroniX Aggression is listener-supported, commercial-free, Metal/Rock/alternative radio broadcasting from Denver. (Listen),  (Visit the Website)


 Find Your Own Web Music Station
Listen live to over 3000 radio stations on your PC
Mercora Search
Mercora IMRadio is for the music connoisseur or aficionado who is into music discovery. Mercora IMRadio is the "universal tuner" that connects you to the world's largest and legal music radio network powered by people, dj's and artists just like you. With Mercora IMRadio, you can search, find and listen to thousands of artists and hundreds of genres in near-CD quality sound from webcasters all over the world - you can never find such variety with other online services, AM, FM or even XM. Mercora IMRadio also allows you to legally time-shift authorized webcasts for listening at a later more convenient time or when you are disconnected from the Internet. Welcome to the future of legal music discovery - Mercora IMRadio!
Type in your favorite artist, genre or DJ, and start indulging
in an amazingly immersive music discovery experience
 Streaming Music

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