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Our Collection of Satire Found on the Internet


This collection of satirical websites is among the best that the web has to offer. The foibles and absurdity of people in the news and the culture around us that is the staple of satire can make us laugh, think and cry. Sometimes it can even provoke or prevent change.

Avery Ant
A complicated and edgy insect who knows no boundaries and plays by his own rules. I'm a "won't be censored," hard-living, fun-loving, rant-spewing, comedic word slinger.
In essence, an explosion of opinions, ego, and id… Some people might even say everything they'd like to be if they weren't bound by the shackles of repression and self-censorship…

BBspot - "is a satirical news and comedy source and meant to be funny. If you are easily offended, gullible or don't have a sense of humor we suggest you go elsewhere."

The Borowitz Report
The Borowitz Report - winner of the first ever National Press Club Award for Humor.

Broken News
Broken Newz is a satire news and entertainment site. All names, except when public figures are being satirized due to their own stupidity, are made up and purely coincidental if connected in anyway. The stories listed on this site are not real (really). Broken Newz is only intended for a mature audience, and not for our Mothers.

Campaign Songs
Campaign Songs - The world's sole superpower holds an election to decide the fate of the planet. Two men, both Yale-educated, are facing off in one of the most contentious campaigns in their nation's history. And an influential Congressional staffer releases an album called simply Campaign Songs under the pseudonym "the integral" to protect his identity. Tippecanoe and Cheney too.

Cooking to Hook Up
Casanova, arguably the most successful seducer in history, had a simple philosophy: Get to know the woman, find out what she lacks, and provide it. Seduction through food is a time-tested technique. However, and this is the big however, you must choose the right food, the food that works for that particular girl. Cooking to Hook Up gives you complete meals designed for every female taste.

The Daily Show
The funniest show on television has a place on the web. Catch up with interviews you missed, get a download, sign up for a newsletter or read the web only headlines. It all there.

Dateline Hollywood
Dateline Hollywood uses the reach, speed, and cheapness of the Internet to bring a worldwide audience the freshest news from the current capital of world culture: Hollywood, USA. Whether you're an industry professional or Hollywood outsider, you'll find everything you need to know about the world of film, TV, music, and more right here from the publication that continues to live up to its founding motto to "cover with unerring integrity that which matters least."

The Enduring Vision
The Enduring Vision is an award-winning satirical webpage designed purely for the purpose of humor -- more specifically, for making fun of the world around us. We may use real names and places, and at times, even real events, but rest assured that for the most part, anything mentioned on here did not really happen. And if you needed to read this message to figure that out, please leave now. We don't want your kind here.

The Grene Room
Jenny Grene is the satirist from The Cambridge Student, the main newspaper from the University of Cambridge in the UK. Her blog publishes all the stories from the paper and some more. They deal with a mixture of popular culture, academics, and news.

Phat Phree
Phat Phree is a comedy magazine featuring fake news, articles and commentary, comics and more. Their thrust is pop culture and they skewer it mightily.

The Onion
The Onion - Every week, three million readers turn to the world's most popular humor publication for a much-needed dose of Onion satire and entertainment coverage. In a history spanning 15 years, six popular books, and 10 Webby Awards, The Onion has attracted legions of loyal fans drawn to its scathingly funny commentary on world events, human behavior, and journalistic convention.

Postcards from the Pug Bus
Postcards from the Pug Bus is the satire site that obscures the line between the real and the surreal.

Ridiculopathy takes the news of the day and reworks it into humor. We're not sure whether to split a gut or break down in tears at the foibles of our modern age.

- We Americans are blessed to live in a place and a time in which one is free to mirror society through satirical writing. Generally, libel law in the United States protects the satirist, since his or her writings are so obviously parody, since it's so clear that the subject being written about would never actually say or do such a thing. Or that such a situation or event would ever arise.

The Specious Report
The Specious Report - spreading rumors, half truths and misinformation since 1789.

Technical Virgin
Technical Virgin is a parody of teen abstinence sites. It's sexual content is somewhat graphic so we do not recommend this for everyone.

US Press News
US Press News was founded in July 2002. Being an internet news source, circulation immediately exploded to include any country with electricity. Due to an overwhelming demand for more US Press News content, we added more and have continued to do so semi-regularly ever since

The Watley Review
"The Watley Review is dedicated to the production of articles completely without journalistic merit or factual basis, as this would entail leaving our chairs or actually working. Names, places and events are generally fictitious, except for public figures about which we may have heard something down at the pub. All contents are intended as parody and should be construed as such."

Weekly World News
Weekly World News - this is the magazine that should be sold at the check out counter of your favorite super market, or perhaps it is.


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