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Essential Web Based Resources for Legal & Free Music Downloads

Some enlightened mainstream artists and record labels have discovered that offering free to download MP3's to their fans and potential fans enhances interest in their music and does not decrease album sales. Undiscovered artists often make their music available as MP3s to download as a way to build an audience. This means that there is plenty of free music on the net if you know where to find it. We do and we share these links with you.

Amazon.com has a page of free music downloads categorized by genre. Like much on Amazon, it's a bit hard to find your way around. By using your browser's back button and by trial and error we found more than 100 tunes to add to our play list from established and up and coming artists.

The purpose of AMPFEA.org is to maintain an open, world-wide community for anyone who has an interest in art-forms which predominantly depend on the application of electronic tools.

Anti Records
Anti Records is a small record label with an eclectic group of artists. Click on an artist from the drop down menu and you'll find news, photos and a song or two to download.

Artemis Records
Artemis Records is currently home to Steve Earle, Sugarcult, Kittie, Jesse Malin, as well as veteran artists Pretenders, Peter Wolf and the late Warren Zevon. There are plenty of free to download MP3s on the download page.

Artist Direct
Artist Direct is an impressive site for music information, music chat, videos, message boards and hundreds of downloads in MP3 and windows media formats.

Artist Gigs offers free music downloads by mp3 music artists, listen to free music, Free Promotion for artists and bands.

betterPropaganda focuses on new, independent music & allows you to use interactive features to discover, hear & collect it. They are dedicated to providing independent labels & artists a better opportunity to be heard. Right now, the site is loaded with hundreds of free, hand selected & fully legal mp3s, with brand new ones uploaded daily.

Classic Cat
Classic Cat is a directory with links to over 3200 free to download classical performances on the internet, sorted by composer and work.

The Concert: A Classical Music Podcast
Download free recordings of classical music performed live in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museumís Tapestry Room. These exclusive recordings from our regular concert series feature performances by acclaimed master musicians and up-and-coming young artists. A new program is posted every two weeks, so check back often, or receive automatic updates delivered directly to your computer or portable mp3 player with a free subscription.

Aside from being the oldest online digital music community, DMusic is a hosting platform for artists. We have built website technology to allow musicians to plug their official websites in to our platform, enabling them to add far more interactive components to their website than they normally could. DMusic.com is a portal front end for all of these sites, plus the hundreds of artists who sign up for simple templated pages they can administer through some of the same tools the official websites have. In addition DMusic.com also provides digital music news, reviews, information and a highly interactive environment for users to interact with their favorite DMusic musicians and other DMusic users.

At Download.com artists upload their music. You download it. This is a fun place to look for up and coming talent and to get a chuckle or two over the material that some people see fit to submit. Each artist classifies their tracks by genre or genres. There is some editorial content that helps to identify the best submissions.

Epitonic.com's goal is to exalt the unexalted, to bring you goth, noise, electronica, techno, punk, indie rock, darkwave, no wave, jungle, hardcore, world music, and things we would dare never even classify. Utilizing the liberated mp3 format, Epitonic.com aspires to live up to our neologistic moniker, the center from which waves of disruptive purity emit.

Fish Records
Fish Records Sampler is a free collection of full tracks taken from some of the best albums of recent years.  It is intended as a guide to the quality and variety of music that is currently available through Fish Records.

Glide Magazine
Free music downloads from Glide Magazine change twice a month and can be streamed or downloaded for free.

indieworkshop features individual artists as well as book and film reviews on top of their base of daily music reviews. Extra features include show reviews, interviews and a weekly column called From the Basement. They post fourteen music reviews a week and update our news section daily. As their name suggests, their focus is in independent music.

The Internet Underground Music Archive
Iuma.com, is a website started by unknown artists looking to find an audience. Using the site is easy. Go to the home page, find a genre of music you like, and start listening to new music. You can sample it in Real Audio and then pull the MP3s when you find something you like. You can also visit Artist's IUMA web site and interact with the artist through email and message boards. If you've got work to do, we suggest you launch IUMA Radio and let your favorite genre play in the background while you work.

Insound prides itself as being the premier site for for fans of underground music and film and as representing the best of the indie spirit. They take an active role in bringing the best underground culture to the surface. Insound will give you a million reasons to read, write, watch and listen. They also have a page of MP3s to download for your entertainment.

Sign up as an iSOUND listener to interact with 1,000's of other music fans online.

  • Fill your mp3 player with a ton a free & legal mp3s from the best new bands/artists
  • Create your own listener profile
  • Create your own listener stations and share with your friends.
  • jamendo
    The artists on jamendo release their music under Creative Commons licenses. All of these licenses allow you to listen, copy, share, or burn the songs to an audio CD

    Live Music Archive
    Live Music Archive. etree.org is a community committed to providing the highest quality live concerts in a lossless, downloadable format.

    Magnatune is "try before you buy." It's the shareware model applied to music. Listen to 326 complete MP3 albums. If you like what you hear, download an album for as little as $5 (you pick the price), or buy a real CD, or license our music for commercial use.

    Matador Records
    Matador Records has often been characterized (not by the label itself) as an underground or ďindieĒ rock label, over the years, the labelís musical direction has grown, to the point where many hip hop, electronic and experimental acts play as prominent a role in the labelís sound & future as any number of singer/songwriters and rock bands. Sometimes all of the above converge.

    MSN Entertainment always has about 18 music files to download. They are licensed and expire in 30 days.

    The Musikethos.org project begins with the intent of promoting the musical creations and interpretations of a group of professional musicians. Through the website, we offer -free of charge- an archive of recordings not available on the market. The archive -whose formation is progressive- is made up only of music that artists can use freely:

    • Music in the public domain (for which the protection guaranteed by copyright has expired −70 years after the death of the composer- making its reproduction, distribution, and reworking free);
    • or contemporary music by composers who authorize the not-for-profit distribution of their work through the site with the use of the Creative Commons licences.

    Musopen is a community driven, online music repository started by a music and economics college student named Aaron Dunn. This site takes music that is in the public domain, meaning a work that belongs to the community, and has it recorded by individuals and college/community orchestras throughout the United States and stored online so it can be accessed for free through this website.

    Opsound is a record label and sound pool using an open source, copyleft model, an experiment in practical gift economics, a laboratory for new ways of releasing music. Visit the Opsound Open Pool for free copyleft music downloads.

    Paste Music
    Paste Music promotes artists that deserve to be heard, and that you'll be glad to discover. The big corporate music machine tends to pass over some of the best art for the sake of commercialism and "risk management" - Paste Music doesn't. The styles you'll find here are eclectic - but with a singular focus on excellent songcraft. While the vehicles may differ, the commonality is in the poetry, the stories, the truths, and the emotions of the artists.

    Pure Volume
    Pure Volume offers over 125,000 downloadable songs, over 100,000 rising artist profiles.

    Sound Click
    Sound Click is a music website that features both signed and unsigned bands. You will find well-known artists such as Janet Jackson, Sarah McLachlan, Moby, Gravediggaz, PM Dawn, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Letters To Cleo. But they also offer thousands of great unsigned bands looking for their big break. All songs are available in streaming audio in up to near CD quality, and most of the songs are also available as free legal MP3 downloads.

    At SoundShelf you are the Music Industry. Download tracks from independent, unsigned, and underground artists for free, if you like it you can support it.

    SUB POP RECORDS has sample MP3s for the artists on their label.

    Tonspion is a Danish site, in German we think. Nevertheless there are lots of MP3's to download, and most of them in English, a lot by artists you've heard of and enjoy. Go figure.

    The Wired CD
    These musicians are saying that true creativity needs to be open, fluid, and alive. When it comes to copyright, they are pro-choice. Here are 16 songs that encourage people to play with their tunes, not just play them.


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