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  We are always looking for the best sites on the web to recommend to our core group of visitors: college students. You can help by recommending websites that you feel are educational, amusing, interesting or even controversial. We are also open to link exchanges with quality websites in any category. To suggest a link click here  




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Fat Campus Collection of Diversions


There's a paper to write, a lecture to see that is worth extra credit, your friends want you to go with them to see a movie and you really ought to wash your clothes. But wait. Here's a link to an interesting website. And here's another. And that one recommends another, even more amusing site.

Just scroll down, point and click. One good link deserves another.

The Arcane and Trivial
What the web does best is to give everyone with a passion for something the opportunity to tell the world about it. Sometimes in excruciating detail. From the 100 best beers, to toilets of the world, to the last words of famous people, this collection of websites celebrates the joys of data collection and sharing the arcane and trivial.

College Radio
Our collection of college radio stations are owned by the colleges or universities which they service. These are not the NPR affiliates staffed and programmed by professionals. Instead these are the low powered stations DJ'd and programmed by students. The are an eclectic mix with music running the gamut from alternative to urban contemporary and every genre in between. Take a listen to what your contemporaries enjoy.

There are comedians, comedy troupes, funny folks and zany webmasters listed in this collection of sites. The one thing they have in common is that they made us laugh, sometimes out loud.

There are some online communities we either belong to or lurk about. They might be forums, journals or actual meetups.

Events and Festivals
There's music to hear, things to see, especially movies Events and Festivals.

Featured Websites
Every so often we come across a special website with content we feel is outstanding and that no one we know seems to have heard of. We just have to designate them our featured websites.

Film and Video
The internet is the perfect vehicle for the independent producer and director to showcase their art, whether it is shot from cameras or animated. Our collection of film and video websites have amused us and kept us up late more than a few times.

Funny Pictures
Our collection of pictures that we found while exploring the internet brought smiles, groans, oh wows or the occasional wtf. We copied them and stuck them up here for your viewing pleasure.

We love to play games, especially if they are challenging and free. We host several dozen games here at Fat Campus and invite you to test your skill at any or all of them. In addition, since there are lots of other games we find and play on the net, we've put together a page of links here so you can play them too!

Gross Out
These links go to sites which, to say the least, have content that is not for everyone. If you feel you might be offended by such things, do the prudent thing and move on to another page.

Movie Reviews & Recommendations
Our list of recommendations is taken from our list of movies that we watched and then rated on Netflix. These are the best of the best, in our humble and very subjective opinions. As we see more movies, and we do about every other day, the best will be posted here.

Movie Trivia
One of our visitors wrote this little piece that captures the humor found in Hollywood's formulaic method of making certain favorite movies.

Music Downloads
Some enlightened mainstream artists and record labels have discovered that offering free to download MP3's to their fans and potential fans enhances interest in their music and does not decrease album sales. Undiscovered artists often make their music available as MP3s to download as a way to build an audience. This means that there is plenty of free music on the net if you know where to find it. We do and we share these links with you.

There are people with homes on the web who, for one reason or another interest us. We thought we'd share them with you.

We got an e-mail not too long ago from an advertising executive who told us that we had the most comprehensive links page to collections of photography on the net. Who are we to argue with such an authority.

A composition, generally poetical, holding up vice or folly to reprobation; a keen or severe exposure of what in public or private morals deserves rebuke; an invective poem; as, the Satires of Juvenal. Yeah, that's what we've got here.

Sports has more than it's share of aficionados and a lot of them have places on the web dedicated to their passion. Here is a collection of interesting, fun and wacky sports themed websites for your pleasure:

Take a Survey
Are you intelligent, or attractive or do you just maybe have ESP? Find out by taking a survey. Or better yet, sign up to join a survey panel to earn rewards or cash.

TV or Not TV
Is it a box that sits in the corner and sucks out your soul or is it a vital gateway to information and entertainment. We have websites here that look at the tube from both sides and in between.

We set out with the best of intentions. We're looking for essential websites in astronomy or literature. The next thing you know there's something strange on the monitor that catches our attention and takes us away from the job at hand. Then we came up with a solution. If we make a page of this stuff and put it on Fat Campus, then looking at this weird stuff will be work.

It costs money to make and host a website as well as time and energy. So what is this stuff doing on the web anyway?


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