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> apparel
> backpacks
> deals & sales
> gag gifts & pranks
> game day signs
games & gaming

> NCAA fan stores
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Essential Web Based Resources for Computers and Their Users

Computers are as necessary in today's academic environment as a notebook and pen. The collection of links on this page are designed to:
  • Give you the tools to help rescue a sick PC.
  • Give you the tools to keep a well PC running at optimum speed and capability.
  • Provide links to useful free software and software at special student pricing.
  • Provide links to a large variety of computer manufacturers and resellers for comparison shopping purposes.

Software At Special Student Pricing

Academic Superstore
Academic Superstore provides software to students and faculty at academic prices significantly lower than retail.
If you are a part or full-time student, teacher or faculty member attending or employed by an accredited, degree-granting institution (K-12 or Higher Ed), you are eligible. Recommended by the Fat Campus staff.

Journey Ed
Journeyed.com With over 6,000 high-end academic titles in its catalog, JourneyEd offers qualified students, faculty members and other members of the educational community software at significantly discounted prices.

Student Life
Student Life is a personal organizer built with the college student in mind. Student Life helps you organize every aspect of your college experience and it is the perfect, inexpensive tool to help you start your college life.

Sites Offering Computer Help and Support At No Charge

Annoyances is the most complete collection of information assembled for and by actual users of Microsoft Windows. If you have issues with Windows, the answer to your problem is probably found here.

BartPE and PE Builder
Bart's PE Builder helps you build a "BartPE" (Bart Preinstalled Environment) bootable Windows CD-Rom or DVD from the original Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 installation/setup CD, very suitable for PC maintenance tasks. It will give you a complete Win32 environment with network support, a graphical user interface (800x600) and FAT/NTFS/CDFS filesystem support. Very handy for burn-in testing systems with no OS, rescuing files to a network share, virus scan and so on.This will replace any Dos bootdisk in no time!

Computer Dictionary
The Computer Dictionary is based on the FOLDOC dictionary by Denis Howe. It consists of almost 14 thousand computer-related terms. To use the dictionary, you may search using the search box above or you may browse the word listings by letter of the alphabet.

Jiwire allows you to search and browse for Wi-Fi® hotspot locations wherever you are or plan to be.

Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool
The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool checks Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 computers for and helps remove infections by specific, prevalent malicious software—including Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom. When the detection and removal process is complete, the tool displays a report describing the outcome, including which, if any, malicious software was detected and removed.

PC Pitstop
Is your PC acting sluggish? Are strange windows inexplicably popping up on your screen? Do you have to reboot your computer because of errors and lockups? The free computer checkup and diagnostics can help you detect and fix many common PC problems! The PC Pitstop full PC tune-up should be your first stop. Recommended by the Fat Campus staff.

Streamload offers unlimited file storage for MP3, Divx, Anime, Movies, Images, Music, anything including, of course, term papers, spread sheets and any other course related files. New Mexico State University uses Streamload to securely host more than 1,000 hours of audio recordings for its 25,000 students.  Streamload is an Internet service that allows digital users to easily and securely send, store, move, receive and access their digital files; like video, music and photos. Streamload provides its users the freedom to move their media to and from people and devices as well as store and deliver their collections to others without regard to size or storage limitations. Free Account = 10 GB Storage & Download Up to 100 MB/mo.

Tech FAQ
At the Tech FAQ, the technical answers you have been looking for are answered in detail, yet in a way the average person can understand. The problem with many technical websites that seek to explain technical questions is they are frequently over the comprehension level of those individuals searching for the information in the first place.

Free Adware and Spyware Protection

The Fat Campus Guide to Computer Virus & Spyware Protection
We wrote this guide right after one of our colleagues PC had a serious meltdown. We found it absolutely loaded with malicious software and spent several hours getting it expunged. We thought he should know how we fixed his computer and what he should do to keep it bug free. The guide has links to all of the software, most of it free, and the utilities and virus protection necessary.

AdAware from Lavasoft is a powerful adware and spyware eradication utility. Ad-Aware is designed to provide advanced protection from known Data-mining, aggressive advertising, Parasites, Scumware, selected traditional Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser hijackers, and tracking components. With the release of Ad-Aware SE Personal edition, Lavasoft takes the fight against Spyware to the next level. AdAware Personal Is Free. Recommended by the Fat Campus staff.

Spybot Search and Destroy
Spybot - Search & Destroy can detect and remove a multitude of adware files and modules from your computer. Spybot also can clean program and Web-usage tracks from your system, which is especially useful if you share your computer with other users. Modules chosen for removal can be sent directly to the included file shredder, ensuring complete elimination from your system. For advanced users, it allows you to fix registry inconsistencies related to adware and to malicious program installations. The handy online-update feature ensures that Spybot always has the most current and complete listings of adware, dialers, and other uninvited system residents. Recommended by the Fat Campus staff.

Anti Virus Software Including 2 Free Editions

In 1988 H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH launched AntiVir - one of the first professional antivirus programs ever developed. The personal edition of AntiVir is offered free for Windows 95/98/Me & NT/2000/XP.

AVG Free Edition
AVG Free Edition is the well-known anti-virus protection tool. AVG Free is available free-of-charge to home users for the life of the product! Rapid virus database updates are available for the lifetime of the product, thereby providing the high-level of detection capability that millions of users around the world trust to protect their computers.

Kaspersky Anti Virus
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Products:
Kaspersky Labs is an international software-development company offering advanced products for protection against viruses, hackers and spam. Founded in 1997,  Kasperksy Labs has a well-stablished partners network operating in many countries the world over. The company consists of 250 highly qualified specialists, among whom 10 hold MBA degrees, 16 Ph.D. degrees, and 2 are members of the prestigious Computer Anti-virus Researchers Organization (CARO).

MCAfee VirusScan
Trusted by over 2 million satisfied users worldwide, VirusScan protects your PC, files and email address book from high-risk, productivity-killing viruses, worms and trojans like Bugbear, Slammer, Code Red, Nimda, SirCam and Nicehello. Easy to use and always on guard, VirusScan automatically checks for virus updates and software updates so your protection is always up-to-the-minute. And it's from McAfee Security, the most trusted name in online security. Save a % on McAfee VirusScan Online by following this link.

Panda Anti Virus
Panda Antivirus Platinum is the agent we use on our own computer to keep us free from trouble. Since it was founded in 1990, Panda Software has pursued its goal of becoming the world leader in antivirus protection. It does this by reinvesting a high percentage of its income in R+D. This policy has put the company at forefront of antivirus software development, with a qualified team of experts developing latest generation solutions.
Recommended by the Fat Campus staff.

PC-cillin™ combines advanced virus detection and cleaning with an integrated firewall to safeguard your system from hackers and malicious code threats in email and instant messaging, and while surfing the Internet. New features like Wi-Fi protection helps secure your PC when connecting to a wireless network, and Outbreak Alert gives you early warning about new viruses. Use our "special deal" link to protect Your PC & PDA from Viruses. Buy PC-cillin with Easy Installation & Support for $10 off

Freeware Downloads

Fat Campus Downloads
Wouldn't it be great if someone put together a page of fun and/or useful downloadable programs that are also free? We thought so too. And then decided to be the ones to do it. Visit our Download Page for freeware.

Download.com is our #1 source for freeware and shareware programs. We like that reviews are coupled with user ratings which helps immensely in evaluating the software. 
Recommended by the Fat Campus staff.

Computer Hardware Manufacturers

Buying a Mac is more affordable than ever. Higher Education faculty, staff, and students can now purchase computers for personal use at Apple’s published prices for education institutions
.Apple Computers makes it easy for the student to get a  PowerBook G4 for Education or any other Apple product with student discounts and easy financing aimed at the college student.

Michael Dell started the company in 1984 with the revolutionary idea to sell custom built computers directly to the customer. With the power of direct and Dell's team of talented people, we are able to provide customers with superb value; high-quality, relevant technology; customized systems; superior service and support; and products and services that are easy to buy and use. Special Offers on DELL Computers are found here.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Fujitsu PC Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited and a leading provider of information technology solutions. Fujitsu PC Corporation offers a complete line of high-performance computing solutions to the North American market, including best-in-class LifeBook® notebooks, Stylistic® tablets, SCENIC® desktops and Intel-based PRIMERGY® servers. The company emphasizes leading-edge technology, exceptional product quality, and user comfort and productivity, as well as outstanding customer service. If you are looking for high end performance, Fujitsu Notebooks are known as some of the best and our link sends you directly to their notebook homepage where you can explore their products and buy on line from their store.

Founded in 1985 in an Iowa farmhouse, Gateway Computers has grown into one of America's best known brands with millions of satisfied customers. Starting with a $10,000 loan guaranteed by his grandmother, a rented computer and a three-page business plan, Ted Waitt turned Gateway into a revolutionary company whose innovations helped shape the technology industry.

Hewlett Packard & Compac
Hewlett Packard and Compac history: Stanford University classmates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded HP in 1939. The company's first product, built in a Palo Alto garage, was an audio oscillator—an electronic test instrument used by sound engineers. One of HP's first customers was Walt Disney Studios, which purchased eight oscillators to develop and test an innovative sound system for the movie
Fantasia. Compaq Computer Corporation was formed after a 1982 meeting in a Houston, Texas, pie shop. Together, employees in the new HP share a passion for satisfying customers, an intense focus on teamwork, speed and agility, and a commitment to trust and respect for all individuals.

Computer Resellers

Comp USA
CompUSA Inc. is the nation's leading retailer and reseller of personal computer-related products and services. Founded in 1984, it now operates approximately 225 stores in 90 major metropolitan markets. These Superstores serve retail, corporate, government and education customers and include technical service departments. CompUSA's inventory includes all major brands of computers and information products including Apple, Compaq, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, Toshiba and more. CompUSA also carries more than 2,000 software titles. Many of the stores include classroom training facilities.

Computer Geeks
specializes in providing computer-related excess inventory, manufacturer-closeouts, and high-demand computer components and peripherals at highly-discounted prices to tech-savvy, "Geeky", consumers.

Computers 4 Sure
, an online computer and technology reseller located in Trumbull, CT, operates as a subsidiary of Office Depot, Inc., the world's largest seller of office products. They offer more than 60,000 computer and technology products from today’s leading brands.

e-Cost was built from the ground up with one thing in mind, selling computer and electronic merchandise at the lowest possible cost. Customers can buy virtually at cost and get free shipping. Click Here for details.
Recommended by the Fat Campus staff.

Laptops For Less
Laptops For Less delivers high quality laptop parts and PDA accessories with a high level of service. Our unique product lines of over 1000 diverse accessory products and replacement parts provide our customers with an extensive selection of the best quality products available.

Tiger Direct
TigerDirect was established in 1987 to serve the needs of computer users, and today they are one of the industry's top computer and computer-product retailers. Their web site has been ranked among the New York Times' "Top 25 Online Retailers" in 2002. And their catalog has become a textbook for computer users.

        Add Ons & Peripherals       

Creative Labs
Creative (Nasdaq: CREAF) is the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for the personal computer and the Internet. Creative was founded in Singapore in July 1, 1981, with the vision that multimedia would revolutionize the way people interact with their PCs. Famous for its Sound Blaster and for launching the multimedia revolution, Creative is now driving digital entertainment on the PC platform with products like its highly acclaimed NOMAD Jukebox. The company's innovative hardware, proprietary technology, applications and services leverage the Internet, enabling consumers to experience high-quality digital entertainment -- anytime, anywhere. Visit the Creative Online Store - Special discounts on selected products!
Recommended by the Fat Campus staff.

Crucial Technology
Crucial.com: Crucial Technology is a division of Micron Semiconductor Products, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Micron Technology, Inc. Located in Boise, Idaho, Micron manufactures dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips and assembles them into memory modules for the global computer industry. Currently, Micron is the only DRAM manufacturer in the US and one of the three largest in the world. Micron is one of the top suppliers of memory to the major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) including Compaq, Gateway, HP, and IBM.

Iomega Corporation
Established in 1980, Iomega Corporation is a global leader in reliable portable data storage. Iomega solutions help people protect, secure, capture and share their digital lives. Iomega’s award-winning storage products include the popular Zip® 100MB, 250MB and 750MB drives, high-performance Iomega® HDD Portable Hard Drives, Iomega® HDD Desktop Hard Drives, Iomega® Mini USB Drive, Iomega® CD-RW drives and DVD drives, and the Iomega® Floppy USB-Powered Drive. Recommended by the Fat Campus staff.


Internet Service Providers

Joiinternet for $6.95 per month is a real deal.

NetZero Platinum
Platinum gives you fast reliable internet access for $9.95/month.

Verizon Online DSL
Verizon Online DSL All Verizon Online DSL plans include: High-speed Internet Mbps/384 Kbps, 24/7 live technical support, MSN Premium Internet Software.


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