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Essential Academic Resources on the Web in Anthropology

This is our collection of websites in the field of chemistry that we have identified as having content and relevance to the college or university student studying the subject of Anthropology. These sites are not lists of links. Instead they contain data, tutorials and background information that will serve to assist the understanding of the subject as well as providing ideas for research projects and papers. For general academic resources which may contain Anthropology related materials as well as from other subjects click here.

AnthroBase is a multilingual, searchable database of articles, theses, essays, reports, conference papers, field-notes etc., written by anthropologists and others with an interest in social and cultural diversity.

Anthro.Net queries a database of over 40,000 pages from reviewed web sites with anthropological content built by users' interests. The system collects the search terms submitted by its users and uses proprietary software to hunt down internet based journal articles, well developed topical sites and bibliographic references for anthropology, archaeology and the other social sciences.

Anthropoetics is the Journal of Generative Anthropology online. Full text articles are available here for study.

Anthropological Theories
These guides to anthropological  theories and approaches have been prepared by graduate students of the University of Alabama under the  direction of Dr. Michael D. Murphy. They are works in progress and, as always,  it is wise to heed the invocation: Caveat Retis Viator (Let the Net Traveler Beware!)

Anthropology in the News
Links to news stories published on the web by ABC, CNN, The New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Nando, Archaeology, university press releases and other sources. Some services require that you register and select a password in order to retrieve articles, but none charge a fee to retrieve these news stories.

Anthropology Tutorials
Extensive series of tutorials in both physical and cultural Anthropology created and maintained by Dr. Dennis O'Neil, Behavioral Sciences Department, Palomar College.

The Bradshaw Foundation
The Bradshaw Foundation Web site is devoted to capturing vivid photos of some of the most famous cave art in the world, including African and Bolivian rock art, the temples of Malta and Gozo, and of course the French caves and the Bradshaw paintings themselves. Many of the sections include Macromedia presentations of the art, slideshows, and first-person audio narration, and all have extensive textual explanations offering historical facts as well as recent developments concerning the art on view.

California Prehistory
California Prehistory is edited by professional archaeologists, anthropologists, prehistorians and other specialists, and is designed to collect and make available the results of over a hundred years of research.

Center for the Study of the First Americans
The mission of CSFA is the promotion of interdisciplinary scholarly dialogue and the stimulation of public interest on the subject of the Peopling of the Americas through research, education and outreach.

Emuseum - Anthropology
The Emuseum is a treasure house of information, from Minnesota State University.

Experience Rich Anthropology
Experience Rich Anthropology aims to disseminate elements, methods and sample teaching materials based on existing field data (field notes, film or photographic or other types of data) suitable for incorporation into current and new courses.

The Global Library for Critical Social Science
The global library is a reference collection of online texts for students of the social sciences. It links open-access texts from across the web. Based at Sussex University, England which also hosts The Global Site.

How to Do Ethnographic Research: A Simplified Guide
This tutorial provides guidance through the steps necessary to plan and conduct an interesting and appropriate ethnographic term project, even in a class that does not devote much or any time to teaching ethnographic methodology, help in making sense of what is learned through the research, both with regards to the fieldsite in question and to anthropological theory, and assistance in rendering the both research process and what was learned through it accessible to readers through established conventions for writing ethnographic research papers.

Human Origins Program
The Human Origins Program at the Smithsonian is dedicated to understanding the biological and cultural foundations of human life. Our two objectives follow the fundamental goals of the Smithsonian Institution: to advance scientific knowledge through continuing, cutting-edge research, and to create the opportunity for public access to this knowledge.

Kinship and Social Organization
An introduction to the anthropological study of kinship from Brian Schwimmer of the University of Manitoba, which covers terminology, diagrammatic conventions and the principal types of system. Five sections cover Kin Fundamentals, Systems of Descent, Kinship Terminology, Marriage Systems, Residential Rules.

An on-line Documentation on the Andamanese Negrito people, their living and prehistoric relatives and their possible relevance to human origins. Extremely detailed.

Mystery of the First Americans
The companion Web site to "Mystery of the First Americans," from PBS.

National Anthropological Archives
The NAA and HSFA collect and preserve historical and contemporary anthropological materials that document the world's cultures and the history of anthropology

NativeWeb is an international, nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to using telecommunications including computer technology and the Internet to disseminate information from and about indigenous nations, peoples, and organizations around the world

The Paleontology Portal
The Paleontology Portal is a resource for anyone interested in paleontology, from the professional in the lab to the interested amateur scouting for fossils to the student in any classroom.

Silicon Valley Cultures Project
Silicon Valley Cultures Project is a fifteen year ethnographic study of the cultures living and working in the hi-tech communities of Silicon Valley.

Sipapu is all about the historic Anasazi (Pueblo) peoples of the Colorado Plateau. 


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