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> apparel
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> deals & sales
> gag gifts & pranks
> game day signs
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Employment Searching and Interviewing Advice For Job Seekers


1) Define your objectives and interests. Know what you want in a job and why you want that.

2. Know your professional goals and target them. You've positioned yourself by your major, outside activities, work and life experience to succeed in your chosen field. Be prepared to share this information.

3. Have realistic expectations. You will almost certainly need to work yourself up the ladder on your career path.

4. Have an error free resume and application materials. Use targeted resumes if you are exploring different employment options.

5. Be prepared to discuss your abilities, skills and goals in an interview. Go over your strengths beforehand and use examples to illustrate your case. Request letters of recommendation from previous employers. Bring them with you to the interview.

6. Know the company or organization you are applying to beforehand and the kind of positions they may have to offer. This will impress the interviewer and enable you to ask relevant questions.

7. Talk to faculty and departmental staff as well as your campus career center about opportunities. Networking is very important. The absolute best resource for finding employment can be found right on your campus in your school's career center. They have the expertise, experience and the commitment to help you in all phases of your search. Be proactive. Ask as many questions as is necessary of your counselor to get yourself on track.

8. Get as much face to face time as possible.

9. Practice your telephone skills. Call your own voice mail and leave a message. Then listen critically and edit yourself. Warm up your voice before you make that call.

10. Don't assume that you are with an experienced interviewer. Be prepared to take the lead if necessary.

11. Don't exaggerate, inflate or lie.

12. Do not give up too soon. Persistence is key.

13. Keep notes on every position you've applied or interviewed for. Names, dates, brochures and position descriptions are useful for future reference. Ask for supporting materials.

14. Be professional and courteous at all times. Many professions are small. Bad mouthing colleagues or the profession may come back to harm your chances.

15. Treat the "little people" with respect. There are no little people. Every person you meet is important.

16. Relax. Present yourself as a person, not as an interviewing machine.

17. Always send a thank you note after the interview no matter what your interest in the position.

18. Be patient while remaining persistent. It sometimes takes time to get interviews coordinated. Don't be afraid to write additional letters of interest or to call while waiting.

19. When invited to on-site interviews politely inquire about travel plans and procedures, who pays, how much and when.

20. Be prepared to have a hectic schedule and to meet many new people. Remain calm and professional throughout the process.

21. Keep an optimistic demeanor, chin up and a ready smile.

22. Always have backup plans. Your skills are transferable and marketable in a variety of places.

23. Don't stop pursuing new employment until you have accepted a position.


Prepare for Success


Get Organized - an appointment calendar, business card holder and a binder or notebook to record relevant names and information are key.

Write your resume - this is an advertisement for yourself designed to get you an interview. Use multiple targeted resumes if you are applying for differing positions.

Put together a portfolio - this collection of accomplishments and skills presented in an orderly format highlights your strengths.

Take full advantage of your campuses career center - have them critique your resume, arrange interview schedules and notify you of upcoming events.

Research the companies and organizations you are applying to - find out as much as possible how you might fit into their plans and then take the time to identify ways you might sell yourself using that information.

Practice answering interview questions and practice asking questions in a polite, thoughtful manner.

Dress professionally - the image you present will significantly effect the interviewer's impression of you. Plan to wear a two piece business suit.

  • It is nearly impossible to over dress for an employment interview. It is, however, easy to under dress. Wear a dark colored conservative suit. Choose accessories like ties, hose and socks that match. Make sure that your shoes are clean and polished and comfortable enough to be able to walk from office to office or building to building in case you are ask to do so.
  • Shower close to your interview time and use a good deodorant. Body odor is a no no.
  • Wear a minimum amount of jewelry. Keep obvious piercings to the ears.
  • Clean and trim your fingernails.
  • Keep cologne and perfume to a minimum.
  • Wear a well groomed hairstyle. Your hair color should be a natural looking shade.
  • Freshen your breath with mouthwash and clean your teeth.

Beware the Scammer


There are any number of work at home schemes that promise to put money in your pocket for stuffing envelopes, assembling products or even surfing the web. Our advice is to ignore these offers because there is nearly a 100% chance that these are scams. If you are asked to pay money in order to participate, or if the offer is too good to be true - it is.


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